Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Glad it was clear enough last night to get a view of the eclipse.

Kai being like daddy and mommy. He was saying `cheese' while taking the pictures.

Cute conversations...
Me: Kai, we're going to Christine's (daycare) today! What's there?
Kai: Baboons! (ballooons). Baby. Two babies! (she has twin 7 month old babies... so cute)


Me: Kai, what's in your mouth? (after seeing him grab something off the floor and jam it into his mouth)
Kai: Grapes. Two grapes!

He is def. getting wilder and I have no idea where all his energy comes from. It's go, go, go and chatter, chatter, chatter. Apparently he has become a little rough at daycare so we are working more on being gentle. It's tough because I know he has so much energy and needs to get it out and sometimes it comes out in the wrong way, he doesn't mean to hurt anyone.

Today we went for brunch with my sisters for Maria's bday. Afterwards, we went to Toys r Us with the kiddies and they went nuts. I also dropped off our computer at the store to get fixed because I'm tired of Gary trying to fix it. He put in a valiant effort but I think there is a time when you just say, `I need help!'.

Hope you are all excited about `LOST' tonight!

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  1. The moon was amazing last night! I was driving near your place when it was starting and thought about stopping by to see if you guys were out looking at the moon with binoculars.