Friday, February 15, 2008


(picture of me and VanTol as we were entertaining ourselves on the Bamfield bus...I have no other new pictures to post)
Nothing really new to report. Kai had his shots on Wednesday and did really well. He is 29.5lbs and 33.75" long. He is def. a big boy (90+ percentiles). The Fraser Health called today to say that he should go back and get his chicken pox shots because they changed the policy and even though he had it already, he still needs the shot. He has been very clingly and a little more grumpy these past two days but I guess that is to be expected. He takes my finger and leads me everywhere. His newest word is `itchy' and he rubs his belly. He also said his first three word sentence `Hit the ball' when we were playing hockey (he now uses two hands on the stick). Talking about the number `two', he loves finding two of something and stating it over and over. `Two apples', `Two bubbi's', `Two socks'. Funny guy.

Gary and I have been a bit stressed as we had both computers down today. The lap top is back in business and I think our main computer should be okay soon. We've also been dealing with the stroller company as the front tire fell off and we've been trying to get it replaced. We waited 3 weeks for the parts and of course, they sent us the wrong ones.

Talking about stress, in church on Sunday the pastor was saying that if we worry, its sort of saying that we aren't trusting God. I'm really generalizing what he said but, it did hit me because I think I worry too much. Great. I'm such a worrier and I always thought I was really trusting Him, guess that's more to work on. I think that I have learned to relax a bit, but, I do worry too much. Gary is good about not worrying. Balance.

Gary and I bought another new fancy lens. It is way too heavy for me to use and Gary will get quite the work out with it. We may take a few photos tomorrow so I'll show you what it can do!

Okay, time to start enjoying the weekend!!!!


  1. I don't really by the "if you worry you don't trust God" thing...I think that can be abuse people into feeling like crappy Christians simply because they are wired differently. We probably worry too much about some things, and not enough about other things, and the answer lies somewhere inbetween. Is there such thing as an "appropriate amount of worry?"...I think so. It doesn't mean I don't trust God, it just means (for example) when my daughter crosses the road, I worry that she is safe. It doesnt' mean I don't trust God, it means I don't trust the guy up the hill who drives like a maniac. Is that bad? I do worry that the Canucks will never win the Cup when I am alive. Seriously.

  2. I agree, don't have guilt because you may worry (that's how God made you). Unless your worrying makes you unhealthy.

  3. Interesting comments!