Saturday, February 02, 2008

One and half years old!

My little baby is now a little boy. He is now 1.5 years old. I love, love, love this stage! Here is a picture of him on his new big boy bed. He likes playing on it but is too scared to sleep in it. So, during nap time and bed time, we put the mattress back in the crib. He does love his crib. We bought this bed off of craigslist and met a very fun and interesting couple in the process.

So, our big boy is now 29lbs. That's only 9 lbs in one year since he was 20lbs at his 6 months shots. Wow, they sure slow down!

Kai is still a momma's boy (and I LOVE that) BUT, daddy def. is more fun and wild and gets the best giggles out of him. We have found that if he wakes in the night, Gary needs to go in because if I go in, he won't stop crying because he knows I'm a sucker and will take him out and cuddle him etc.

His favourite place to hang out is on the bottom step. He's started liking books again and really likes us to read `I-O', you know, E-I-E-I-O! Did I mention how much he loves his football shirt? He loves it because its a 3D rubber feeling football on his shirt. In the car, we make sure he always has a basketball or football to hold on to.

Let's see...quick list of favourites!
Favourite food: pizza!!!!! If he hears the oven beep for any reason, he runs to it thinking that pizza is in there (we do have it on Fridays). Oh ya, but he really does love his applesauce too...good dutch boy!

Favourite things to say: peek a boo, money, happy, pizza, Bubi, pop (from his favourite song, `Raindrop Pop'), okay (which is REALLY cute), applesauce

Favourite `story': nursery rhymes

Favourite animal: in real life, a dog. In pictures, the zebra and cow.

Favourite piece of clothing: his football shirt

Favourite interaction: loves to say `ET' and point at the other person, when your fingers touch, you have to tickle him.

His chores: He puts his shoes by the door when we take them off. He hangs the tea towel back up on the oven door after we wash it (without being asked). He brings recycling to the back door.

His friends: He loves playing with Ani (cousin) and Claire (from daycare). I enjoy watching his interactions with other kids and I love that he has does go to daycare so he gets that. Note that his new daycare starts in one week, I am nervous!!!

Well, that's about it for this month. Love this little guy tons. Gary gets him for 3 straight days now as I am off to Bamfield with my Biology 11 classes...I'm sure they will have a great time together but I will sure miss them!

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  1. great posts! i love the pics and i love reading about how he is growing up :) makes me anticipate all these things to come so much more!