Monday, July 30, 2007

If you're happy and you know it...

That song makes him smile all the time! What doesn't make him smile is getting over the chicken pox and teething. This also makes mommy smile a little less than normal:) Question for those familiar with cribs etc.....Kai loves sticking his legs and arms through the rails in the crib. We have used bumper pads (please no comments on the dangers of them, I know) to help alleviate that but he would stick them over the bumper pads and through the rails. The past 3 days he has gotten them stuck quite badly (he sticks it through as far as he can and then rotates). I can usually get him out but once had to get Gary's help to wrench him out as I can't tell which way he has rotated. While we are turning him and pulling his leg through, he is screaming. His calf has a nice bruise on it now because of this. Should I just put him to sleep in a playpen from now on? Any ideas?


  1. You take such great kid pics. Want to come over for a playdate and take pictures of my babes? :)

  2. Ayden had the same prob but our solution might not work for you~we got a toddler bed for Ayden when he was just 13 months. The playpen might be a good alternative too, I think.

  3. I have no idea what to recommend for this...the playpen could work though.
    about the bumper pads...whatever! Taeya still has them. She's old enough that if she smushes her face against it and can't breath, she'll move. She likes sleeping RIGHT against the side of her crib, and I wanted to spare her the discomfort of sleeping against the slats, so I left them in. Plus, it looks cozier :)
    so i wouldn't worry about removing them at all!