Monday, July 09, 2007

White Rock

Today, Gary and I went down to White Rock to meet up with some friends. It was nice and breezy there and we walked around for an hour or so and had a picnic in the shade. Due to some miscommunication, we were unable to meet up with `the others' (sounds Lost-ish) so we ended up enjoying a nice day out on our own.

Kai enjoyed watching a group of ladies play volleyball...pretty much he just wanted to play with the ball, so anytime it rolled close to him, he got really excited.
He added a new word to his repitoire: unkey (which is monkey, of course).
Finally, if you are looking for an amazing book to read, I really enjoyed `What is the What'. It is about a Sudanese boy who flees his village and walks for months and months with a group called the Lost Boys. They have to watch out for wild animals, guns, starvation, crocodiles etc. and when they finally make it to the camp, he (Achak) ends up living in various refugee camps for 15-20 years. It also talks about his transition to living in the U.S. I found it very educational and again, hard to read (emotionally).

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  1. Glad you guys had a family fun day....awesome weather for it!