Friday, July 27, 2007


I bet I could get some really good pictures of this girl if she would just sit still!

Giggling on the floor

Today I've got Ani here. I've realized its a bit harder when there are two on the move. When Kai used to just sit and play, it was a lot easier. Kai is now at the stage where he likes to hit people, in the face, with toys. I hope this phase goes quickly? I give him the super mean `NO!' and put his hand down at his side. Any tips? I'm suprised I don't have a black eye by now. Sometimes when i ask for a kiss, he gives me a huge grin and as he's moving in, he hits me. So, if you think he's going to kiss you but he's a got a big grin on his face, beware!
*PS Please don't think we are irresponsible moms letting Kai play with Ani as he is sick. Ani has had a lot of contact with Kai over the past month so if she would've gotten it, she would be sick by now (she was vaccinated too but 10-15% of those vaccinated can get it).

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  1. My only tip regarding the hitting is, hang in there! He'll grow into understanding and eventually stop! Hope you don't wind up with black eyes in future, but if you do we'll know to blame Kai and not Gary :D