Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kai's 1st Birthday Party

We are blessed to have such great families to celebrate with. We are happy (usually:)that they are nearby and look forward to many more celebrations together.

Kai got lotsa books and clothes and some great foamy blocks! He also got some flashcards which are actually made for 9+ months, woohoo, let the school lessons begin!

I got emotional for a second after reading a card because it was about how he's gone from a baby and is growing into a little boy and I think I must just be tired, but its kind of sad that he's growing into a big boy. I don't know why that's sad. Maybe I'm teary eyed with love for him? I don't know. Gary took the video footage that I've taken over the past year and made a 10 min. DVD with music, which we all watched together. The first time I watched it, I cried about 10 seconds in. For me, whenever music starts playing with a slideshow or video, tears will surely follow.

A giant monkey from auntie Nutty! (Trisha) The monkey even has a cute belly button.

Carefully eating his first taste of chocolate cake (well, besides the junk food that has been snuck to him by opi and gramma without my knowledge!).

Neatly stuffing his face

The cake (after it was half eaten)'s supposed to be a monkey. I made it yesterday when Annika was here so she got to have a little sugar while I babysat (don't read this Maria!).

Kai refused to take his morning nap and this is what he was like when we were getting ready for people to come. I was really nervous that our little guy was going to be G-R-U-M-P-Y but he wasn't! By the way, this blankie is his favourite blankie in the world.
I will write some thoughts on his first year when its his actual birthday next Saturday.


  1. what a cutie pie! Aw! I wish i coulda enjoyed the choc. cake with you guys...oh ya, and to celebrate with you, too! Life here is good, but I do kinda miss teh wee lil' ones in my life! :) Happy bday Kai! he is getting so much bigger - and it hasn't even been a week since I've seen him! Wow!

  2. amazing cake ! wow I wish I had come!

  3. i LOVE his cake!!!!! wow, way to go!