Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Favourite Toy is...

Daddy's wallet! All week we have been `stuck' at home with a contagious kid. We take him on walks or jogs where no one else goes. He doesn't look too freaky because there are only 2 spots on his face but he is def. `off'. Feverish, grumpy. If I move him away from something (the mirror, tv, dresser), he freaks out! Either this is what a one year old is like, or this is what a kid fighting chicken pox is like. Or both, I guess. Talking about the dresser, his new love is to open every drawer, throw his shoes and dirty laundry in there and pull out the clean clothes. Oh ya, so fun for mommy.
Okay, so when I say that we take him for runs, I mean that we may have had our last family run together. Monday we had a wonderful, beautiful jog together. Sure, it was only 20 minutes long, but how fun for Gary and I to run together again as it took us back to our good ole dating days. Yesterday though, Gary took me on the hilliest 30 minute run ever and I may have lost my love for running (okay, maybe not the hilliest but boy, not a good way to work myself back into a run over 20 minutes!). I even walked. I'm not a walker when I'm on a run. However, I have decided to give a flatter run a try and see how that feels. My body just doesn't feel right running anymore...I guess it takes a lot of work to get back into it and I don't know how much I want to put into it.
Not much else new here. Gary and I have been; working out, getting our little business together (more to come when it's up and running-ish) and making yummy food. Gary has also been enjoying his alone time in the basement playing `Madden Football' or is it just called Madden? I don't know. We are reading a book together right now and we had to talk about what we found romantic. Apparently Gary finds it romantic if I give him alone time in the basement so he can play Madden. My idea of romantic is a little different but at least its easy for him to find me romantic, just send him down to the basement! Hmm, maybe Madden would be a good name for our next child (if its a boy)...but then I wouldn't want to call him Mad for short. No, I am not pregnant.
Also, having Gary around is so awesome! Maybe every job should provide at least one month off so that couples can both be home to parent and enjoy each other. Seriously, what a gift that Gary gets up with Kai half of the mornings so I can sleep til 8! What a gift that Gary is a stickler like me for having a clean house! What a gift that Gary loves to cook!
Finally, a couple new things that Kai has done; he KICKS a ball (where did he learn that?), and he has added some new moves into his dancing routine (whole body is now involved). Seriously, I have never seen a kid that loves to dance so much! I could have a little hip hopper on my hands! Woohoo! Finally, he LOVES the Telus commercials. It's the animals in it. He perks up and goes to the tv whenever it comes on. Oh boy, a whole lotta writing and not too many fun pictures. Oh well. I'm trying not to post too often but I can't help it! I'm sure that when I go back to work it's got to slow down! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Enjoy your time off before you are back to work. Very nice that you and Gary can hang out as a family with Kaiser bun for a month and a half. Kai is very cute! Dancing---maybe from our side of the family...remember our hip hop class....

  2. post as often as you like! I check for new updates every single day (sometimes more than once or twice) and I love reading what is going on in your lives. I envy your time together during summer vacation~ how awesome!!

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Mona always beats me to the comment. I say "Post Away"! I know the guys just look at the pics but us women like info... the more the better!

    Welcome to the world of the toddler... and good luck keeping the house clean ;)