Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sick, Little Baby

You know he must be tired/sick if he's willing to snuggle with mommy on the couch. He won't let go of his blankie or his doggie or thumb. It's hard because we can't take him anywhere so he's been at home for days. We did go jogging with him this morning and I think we'll take him for a walk now as he is screaming in his crib. Fortunately the spots are still at about 50 and his fever is not too bad. We have his one year birthday party with family this Saturday, so, I hope he feels better by then! Below is the birthday invite we made for him...the bottom looks a little weird because I removed the address for the sake of this blog:)


  1. Oh man, chicken pox are tough. Bath them in oatmeal...but you probably heard that already.

  2. Very cute birthday invite. I didn't realize Kai was born so close to Gary's birthday. I hope the little guy is feeling better by Saturday (which happens to be my birthday!). Take care!