Monday, July 02, 2007

11 Months Old!

Kai on the $5.00 garage sale find this morning:) It's basically brand new and it rocks back and forth. It also has some dials that make noises and a horn that honks, hey, I wanted to sit in it!

What a month! I do have to say that there haven't been too many developments this month, more just working on what he's been starting the past few months. He now walks all around the house as long as he is holding onto the wall or piece of furniture. Yesterday, he just started letting go of objects and taking a few steps by himself.
He has starting making new sounds with ga's and do's and we even got him to say `aki' (for his auntie Jackie). He has started eating what we eat for dinner (even Ginger Beef and Broccoli stir fry!), just cut up a bit smaller. He is now 23.8lbs and I'm not sure if he's any taller. We've noticed that he is actually a little bow legged which is apparently normal when you have a big baby all scrunched up in the uterus (his femur was in the 100th percentile). If his legs were actually completely straight, I'm sure we could see that he's grown. Apparently it straightens itself out in a couple of years.

His favourite past time, besides running all over the place or trying to get at our remote, is def. reading books or having them read to him. He also really loves going for walks as long as there is fun stuff to see (like other kids or awgies/doggies). He doesn't really understand `no' but we are working on it. He knows he is not allowed to touch the DVD's so he'll reach for them and look at me at the same time.

He now has 4 teeth that we brush daily. He thought the tooth brush was pretty cool the first couple times, but now, not so fun. He loves his milk. A lot. The second he hears the microwave, he knows that yummy times are just 30 seconds away. He adjusted from breastfeeding, to some formula, to homo milk so well! I think that he is the super easiest baby ever at this stage (okay, maybe not EVER but he is pretty good). As long as he's fed and well rested, we are good to go! He doesn't smile easily at people, and never waves when others are around, but he is very, very interested in people watching. Yesterday, we went to a very elaborate one year old birthday party (our neighbour) and he had so much fun watching the kids in the bouncy castle, trying to catch bubbles, grabbing at balloons, and trying to eat the cookies that other kids were eating. Oh ya, he also enjoyed sitting on daddy's shoulders and spitting up in his hair:)
Right now, auntie Aki and `uncle' Tyler are taking him on a walk to Extra Foods, it sure is nice having another sister move back to my dad's house! Auntie Aki is going to Africa (Namibia) in 3 weeks and she will be gone for 3 1/2 months so it was very important that he said her name before she left:) I can't believe how much our little monkey has grown over these past 11 months and I can't believe he is almost 1 year old! Such a blessing he is to us, such a blessing.

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  1. YeS Weezer...he is quite easy and oh-so-cute! I noticed while me and Tyler walked with him that the only thing we pretty much said were either about, or related to, Kai. Ok, so maybe I just kept saying "Look how cute he is?!" and dance in front of him to make him smile...I enjoy having a nephew right next-door, so anytime man! (I like having a nephew as opposed to my own child because we all know who's gonna take ultimate responsiblity for him at the end of the day!) Take advantage of me while I'm still here! oh ya - tennis sometime Weezer?