Saturday, July 14, 2007

Green Lake

Nice, relaxing 3 days away. We spent time cleaning, reading, eating, and swimming. Gary finished his book and I found the book `Underground to Canada' (amongst some pretty random titles that are up there) and that was a good, quick read.

He wasn't really loving the floatie and kind of hung on for dear life. The water was a little cold for a little guy but he did all right.

Smiles for daddy.

I want to wear mommy's sunglasses!

He just walked all around the deck pushing on the glass. The neighbour dog came by each day to say hello...beautiful chocolate lab.

Here's the family shot before we went swimming. I know its a little fuzzy but i cropped it because it was taken from so far away.

Kai was not a big fan of the cold water but once he could hold onto the dock it was a little more fun for him. He's wearing one of those bathing suits with the built in life jacket. It's a little hard for him to move in and he looked kinda funny all buff like that.
I know all of his words sound the same, but we now have a very distinct sounding one, `Yesssssssssss'. I told him `Kai, No!' when he was touching the remotes. He responded with `Yessss, Yesssss, Yesssss'. He doesn't know what it means but he knows it made me smile earlier:)

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