Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How to Take Your Photos to the Next Level

Did you know that Gary and I were photographers for eight years? It was an awesome experience building and owning our own side business and we developed many skills and met wonderful client turned friends. We closed down our business last year because weddings meant we were away from our kids on the weekends which is prime adventuring time. The good news is that we kept almost all of our equipment and I can continue to share images here. Using my DLSR is important to me because I appreciate having quality photos of my kids and the places that we have been to.

Would you like to put more time and effort into your photos for this upcoming year? 

I have gathered some of the best posts I have written on how to improve your photography. Here are five posts covering everything from those beautiful blurred backgrounds to taking photos in low light situations. Just click on the titles or photos to get to the posts!

How to Get a Blurred Background: What is bokeh? How do you  make it happen?

How to get a blurred background in your photos

Eight Tips for Photographing Your Child : Answering the when, where and how questions on taking photos of your child(ren). 

Eight simple tips for taking better photos of your children!

Framing Your Photo: How to find natural frames in your environment–from trees to windows, there are frames all around us.

How to find frames in your natural surroundings to make your photos more appealing

How to Photograph Your Kids Indoors: Usually the struggle indoors is low light so how do you make it work? 

How can you take better photos of your kids indoors?

Rule of Thirds: Where to line up your subject and/or the horizon in the image.

A simple tip on how to bring your photos to the next level with the rule of thirds!

Although many people prefer to use the camera in their phones, I almost always take my DSLR with me. If I have my 50mm lens attached it is actually quite light! When I look back I am so thankful for all of the beautiful images I was able to capture of our kids. I have hung them up in our home and made a calendar and photobook every year.

My trick for staying organized is uploading and editing photos the day that I take them and saving them as a smaller size for storage. I also upload them to Flickr on that same day just in case.

What kind of photos are you hoping to take over the next year? 


How to take your photos to the next level! A great guide for beginners.

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