Thursday, December 14, 2017

Watch Your Holiday Favourites on YTV

Watch your holiday favourites on YTV

When you find something that all of your kids can agree on without fail, you grab on to it! For us there is a unanimous appreciation for snacking on freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, playing school, having chicken pot pie for dinner and watching YTV. This TV channel is the most watched in our home and they have stepped it up a notch for the month of December.

Watch your holidays favourites on YTV this December!

The kids discovered YTV when our oldest turned eight and it's been a hit ever since. Their favourite shows are SpongeBob SquarePants and The Loud House. SpongeBob gets them talking about Crabby Patties and singing the Campfire Song. The Loud House is about a boy named Lincoln who has ten sisters that all start with the letter L – Nya's favourite sister is Lola because she dresses like a princess, Koen likes Lynn because she's sporty and Kai likes Lisa because she is academic.

Watch your holidays favourites on YTV this December!

Aside from the fact that it's great for a range of ages (our kids are 5-11), I appreciate that it's a safe environment (no surfing YouTube) and without adult commercials and/or adult content. Note that Squidward on SpongeBob does use some words we normally don't but our kids are aware of that.

Watch your holidays favourites on YTV this December!

The kids noticed right away that starting December 1st, YTV added Christmas specials, movie and marathons! When the Home Alone marathon was on they had to watch Home Alone 4 – I didn't even know they had made a 4th one. The last scene had them all laughing. YTV has branded the holidays Merry Everything this year and you can see it all from Mickey's Christmas Carol to A Muppet Christmas in one place and follow along in The Zone and on Instagram.

Watch your holidays favourites on YTV this December!

If you are interested in the holiday programming, you can find it here. All of the shows are on in the afternoon. I can tell already which are going to be top of our kids' list to watch: Dec 11th, 22nd and 26th because they love their SpongeBob! Oh, and December 20th has a Loud House Christmas Special – these are great things to add to our Christmas Activity Advent Calendar when we need something easy and fun to do.

Watch your holidays favourites on YTV this December! Here is the schedule.

If you're looking for an hour or two of downtime with or without the kids, I recommend tuning into YTV in the afternoon. A cup of hot chocolate always adds to the fun especially if you toss in some marshmallows (I can be fun like that). 

Which date looks best to you on the calendar? Did you even know that YTV was playing these Christmas shows?


{This post is sponsored by YTV and all opinions are my own...and my kids'!}


  1. Happy Feet and Elf are my faves.

    1. I haven't seen Happy Feet (although my kids have)–must watch it this December!

  2. Oh man! I would’ve been all over that Home Alone marathon. I grew up arching this channel. So glad it’s still providing quality children’s programming that’s also appropriate for that age range.