Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I always thought that once my kids were in school things would slow down. But. Nope. Kai is in school sports now and we've added a baby so life just keeps on going on the same old pace (okay, busier especially now in basketball coaching season). This week I am thankful for:

1. When the kids play nicely (and quietly) together. They get a bedtime show at the end of the day and Nya often chooses to watch on the iPad.

2. Christmas concerts. So cute seeing them sing. Koen also had a speaking part this year. I'm proud of him because it can be scary to speak in front of hundreds of people but he did it.

3. "Just" four kids ;) We had six kids on Friday night and it made me realize that having four kids is perfect for us. For now.

4. My relationship with each child. With Kai it's a lot of activity, Koen it's cuddles and Nya it's conversations. She is quite animated which I find adorable (and I'm sure teenage Nya will be quite dramatic).

5. Tubing up at Cypress! Thanks to passes from Cypress Mountain and the Healthy Family Expo we had four passes to go tubing. Gary went with the kids and I relaxed and took photos. I love that the boys could go on their own and Gary could just watch out for Nya. She had a rough first run (too fast, lots of tears) but after a "boring" half an hour spent with me walking around, she was ready to try agian and LOVED it. Big thanks to my friend who recently got her Safe Babies Relief Training so that she could watch baby for us–isn't that awesome?!

In case you think my kids are sweet...there's Gary coming down with Nya and the boys shoving snow down each other's jackets in the foreground
6. Santa Claus photos at Port Kells Nurseries. We go each year because you just need to bring a donation for the food bank. It's quiet, close by and there's no line which is what I really appreciate/need.

7. Christmas party with our care group (church friends). Hosting at our house is a bit squishy but thanks to the basement it works okay! Thankful for the friends we have made in our church. If you are looking for one, Southridge Fellowship meets in Langley! We played a few games and then at some delicious food. Simple things.

8. A baby to love. Oh, there is something so sweet about a baby, right? People often ask me questions like "How long will she be with you?" and my answer is "I have no idea". Sometimes there is a plan and the social worker will say 6 months (although the last time we heard that it was almost 2 years!) and other times we just need to wait and see about the support that the parents get. So, we will wait and see. I would say the average time in care is about one year.

9. Kindergarten brains. How sweet is this? I love it. 

10. Koen Jeopardy. He wanted to do the advent activity so he led us in a trivia game all about him. Kai was a bit, uh, not into it and it didn't help when he picked the 500 point category and there wasn't even a question, it was just "Lose 300 points". Ha! I won with 1,000 points but to be fair, Nya definitely knew the most about Koen. I tend not to listen when he talks about his favourite characters, colours, numbers etc and apparently Nya does!

What is one thing that you are thankful for today?



  1. I'm drinking my morning coffee while it's still hot! Very thankful.

    1. Yeehaw! Love that hot cup of coffee.