Monday, December 18, 2017

Three Quick and Easy Christmas Games for Kids

We recently hosted a Christmas party for four other families and I wanted some super simple games to play as a family which would work for a variety of age groups. I looked on Pinterest and found three keepers (aka I didn't need to buy supplies, it was eco-friendly, and great for all ages).

Three quick and easy Christmas games for kids!

1. Christmas Bingo. The Girl Creative Blog has four different printable sheets and the calling cards in English and Spanish! Use any Christmas candy as the marker. You can find it all on her blog here

Three quick and easy Christmas games for kids!

2. Roll-A-Snowman. Each team gets a die, sheet and pen. We had a caller say "roll" every 10 seconds or so to keep things calmer. This was great for ages 4+!  You can find the printable here. There are several other great ideas on the link on Life with Lorelai as well.

Three quick and easy Christmas games for kids!

3. Christmas Pictionary. Get the kids to write down words associated with Christmas and put them in a bowl. One by one they come up and draw them while the rest of the kids try and guess! Here are a list of words in case you want to save time and have more variety.

One thing I would recommend on a games night is to lay down a giant piece of kraft paper on the table. The kids could draw their snowmen right on it and colour throughout the evening. We left it on for the next day so the kids could continue to use it. If you're looking for something for todders, we also had a candy cane scavenger hunt in the basement, although maybe you'll be wanting to limit them on sugar this time of year!

Three quick and easy Christmas games for kids!

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2018!


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