Monday, December 11, 2017

What Netflix Shows are Canadians Savouring and Devouring?

When people ask "What show should we watch on Netflix?" I struggle with the answer because each person connects with a different genre and I need to know if you're looking for something funny, scary or intriguing. When Netflix posted the results from shows that Canadians savoured and devoured over the year, I was interested to see which ones I loved made the list–were they ones that I would recommend? 

What Netflix shows were Canadians savouring and devouring for 2017?

Savouring is watching less than two hours a day.

Of the list given we watched all of The Crown and Ozark while still slowly making our way through Glow and Atypical.  Other shows we savoured were OutlanderBlacklist, Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father. Has anyone watched Friends From College yet? Would you recommend it?

Netflix showed savoured by Canadians in 2017

Devouring is watching more than two hours a day – gulp!

The ones on the list that we did devour were Gilmore Girls (Gary did not, I did and was slightly disappointed–I miss the originals) and The OA.  Another one that we devoured which did not make the list was The Five.

Netflix showed devoured by Canadians in 2017

Usually we don't get a chance (or desire) to watch more than two hours in a row but if I were to recommend my top five series that Gary and I watched together this past year they would be:

1. Outlander. The costumes alone are amazing and it was interesting to learn more about the history of Scotland. Be warned that there are uncomfortable amounts of nudity especially in the first season.
2. Stranger Things. I don't like scary movies but this genre worked for me.
3. Ozark. It reminds me of Breaking Bad in the sense that it involves money laundering.
4. The OA. A blind woman disappears for seven years and reappears with sight.  We slowly learn what happened to her during her time in captivity. Very much looking forward to Season 2 this year!
5. The Crown. I don't know a lot about the British monarchy so it was a great way to learn. It is a little slow.

What would be on your Top Five list from 2017?


Netflix shows that Canadians savoured in 2017


  1. I've only heard of about half of these. Nice to know there are more goodies to be watched once we're done with Stranger Things.

    1. Just don't watch Outlander with your son! I felt like I wasnt' old enough to watch certain parts ;) ha!