Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Simple pleasures. Gary won $1000.00 worth of groceries a few weeks ago (which was incredibly and awesome) and gave the boys each $3 to spend as they wish.  This is what Koen chose--they were so excited!  They also picked out some food for the food bank too.

2.  Fun family experiences.  I love seeing our kids outside having fun and I enjoy providing new experiences for our Little One.  I have already printed up about 70 pictures for Little One's photo book because I have a feeling LO will not remember us.

{Getting the star treatment}

3.  Thanksgiving with my family.  Picture 15 kids running around for 4 hours in a backyard.  It was beautiful and exhausting.  Yay for cousins.  And yards.

4.  Thanksgiving with the Chapman family.  We did a brunch and I LOVED the food.  Gary made Eggs Benedict and we had crepes and egg casserole in a slow cooker and sausages, and well, everything you would have for a brunch. So yummy!  I think it was a bit overwhelming to have two big family events in two days for our LO so thankfully it was back to routine today.

5.  Fall colours.  It's started and I love it.

5.  A chance to spend time with my big boys and my friend Leah.  It's usually quite chaotic and loud in our home so it was nice to spend some time being a bit more adult-ish (well, as much as you can with Koey around!)

6. Netflix.  I love it for the kids, for Gary and I, and now I even watch an episode while I hold our LO's hand to go to sleep.  I just put it on my iPad mini with headphones and after one episode, LO is asleep...for about an hour anyway ;)

7. This girl.  I know I include her in a lot of my Thankful Thursdays but wow, she is such a strong source of joy and laughter in my life.  She loves our LO with her whole heart.  Even when LO is having a tantrum, she'll respond so lovingly; it boggles my mind. She thinks LO is the cutest thing in the world (this is sort of true!) Together the the two of them make everyone smile.   She could've been so jealous sharing the position of the "baby" in the family but she embraces her new role.  She also finally got boots like mommy, cute right? Secondhand of course ;)

8. A bag of clothes for our Little One.  I had received some from a friend early on (thanks L!) and now received some more! They are some great quality clothes that will fit now and then some for next year.  So thankful for someone passing them on to us. Thank you, D!

9. A meal.  A friend said "What can I do for you?" and normally I say "Nothing!" but this time, I knew Wednesday would be crazy (due to 4 hours of appointments in a row) and asked for a meal for that day.  She provided a meal my whole family loved (and delicious chocolate cake for dessert).  It was really wonderful.  

10.  Encouragement.  Validation.  I found ANOTHER resource for our Little One (oh my, I'm learning so much...really I'm learning that finding the resources is a huge task in itself) who will be helping us in the sleep department!!  Also, I got a beautiful card from an unexpected source.  

If someone said to you, "What can I do for you?", what would you say?

Have a good week, friends!



  1. What I would want to say... come clean my floor... what I actually would say? Come have coffee and chat with me.

  2. What a great friend to bring dinner to your family! Those trees, in your fall colour photo, are very unusual ones, at least to me in Southwestern Ontario. Looks like the boys enjoyed picking out a treat for themselves and what a good idea to have them also pick out some food for the food bank.

    1. Those trees are unusual, I'm not sure what they are! We saw them while we were at Stanley Park last week.

  3. Thanksgiving brunch! Great idea!!!

    If someone asked me what they could do for me? Depending on who it is, it would be "come watch my kids for a couple hours so we can go out on a REAL date." or "bring some Starbucks and treats and let's visit!" I would have a hard time asking for a meal because my schedule is not that busy, but BOY there are days when I would love someone to have dinner ready so I could just hang out with the kids! (or just not be rushed).

    1. Who doesn't love brunch, right? Yes, a date would be lovely. I felt guilty accepting a meal because I could've pre-made one the night before, but you know, it felt really, really good not to have to worry about it!

  4. I would also be tempted to feel guilty asking for a meal but honestly that would be the loveliest thing. Some days it's hard to find motivation to cook or even think about what to cook especially when life gets full.

  5. Louise, I'm proud of you for accepting the offer of help!