Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  Fall leaves. Autumn is gorgeous. I love the light, colours, temperature and clothing!  Time to get out my boots!

2. Movie nights. We had to do it Saturday night instead of our usual Friday because Koen was at a birthday party.  This week was Lilo & Stitch.  

3. Family walks.  The great outdoors is a great place to be with our kids...until they try to see who can find the biggest stick (aka giant tree branch).

4. Pinterest.  We bought perogies on sale at Costco and usually we are kind of bored by them.  Put them in a waffle maker and ta da!

5. Koen's hard work. We get our kids to make birthday cards for the birthdays that they attend to personalize it and save $$.  Koen spent almost an hour trying to colour it nicely and write neatly. I was so surprised because he really, really does not enjoy it but he wanted it to be nice for his friend.

6.  Finally having a matching gate.  We didn't get it put in 9.5 years ago when we moved in because every single option cost so much money.  We got a great price and they installed it this past week.  It only took us taking care of someone else's child to get to this point ;)

7.   BIG WIN!!! Gary has been filling in each receipt's customer service satisfaction surveys and each month Loblaws does a draw for a $5,000 cash prize and a $1,000 one (in the form of 1,000,000 points).  Gary won the points one!! So great.  This will pay for food for a few months!

8. A free bike!  I had bought Nya a second hand bike last year but it's still a bit too big.  This one was being given away for free in our alley: a perfect fit for Nya.  She's so proud of herself.

9.  Beauty in the skies.  The supermoon has been gorgeous and throw in an!

10.  Sisters and friends.  I got together with my sisters and two different friends this week. I'm exhausted but I know it's important for me to see adult people :) 

11. Gary donating blood.  I was supposed to but I failed the past two times and knew my iron would be too low again. I sent Gary (who was due to go anyway) in my place.  Time to start taking iron pills and getting more vitamin C in my life!

I hope you are having a good day!  Have you ever received/found something for free that was super helpful?



  1. You guys are seriously the luckiest family I know... The odds are forever in your favor. That is so awesome to win all those points! Also I love Koen's deep concentration to make the birthday card nice for his friend. So sweet. Happy Thursday!

    1. We enter a lot, but yes, super surprised by Gary's win!! Happy Thursday to you too :)

  2. As usual, your post is awesome. ESPECIALLY winning all those points AND that picture of the moon! WOW!!!