Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Barbie in Rock 'N Royals

Growing up I had one Barbie who had one outfit--a red and white checkered jump suit.  I loved playing with her, but wow, I would have LOVED the options that kids have nowadays! We were sent a Barbie package to plan a Barbie in Rock 'N Royals movie viewing party and it was quite the package.

The biggest hit for Miss Nya was getting Princess Courtney.  When you move her arm, her dress rotates from rocker to royal.  She also sings which Nya loves and we hear Princess Courtney singing ALL.DAY.LONG.

Nya got her very own matching outfit.  Seriously--so awesome.  She came into our room at 6 am with her Barbie dress, climbed into bed next to me, and said she couldn't wait to "rock out"?!  How does she even know that term?  This little girl LOVES to dress up!

My sister has four girls so we invited them to come over to watch the movie.  Nya and I had never seen a Barbie movie but they have.  In the package were some pink hair extensions--perfect for the bigger kids!

The movie is a musical where Princess Courtney and rock superstar Erica switch places and end up in rival camps.  Here they learn about making friends with people who are different from them and having fun while doing so.  There is quite a bit of dialogue so that is why my older nieces liked it.  The younger girls enjoyed the singing and dancing...oh, and checking out the outfits of course!

Not sure where Nya got her dance moves from but it's a musical so there was definitely some dancing going on!

It was fun making it into a party because we could paint the kids' nails while we were watching too.

After watching all the rock star Barbies, I'm feeling a bit tempted to get some fun highlights in my hair!

Even Koen watched most of the movie...in his Barbie sunglasses.

I would say that the Barbies (Princess Courtney and Rock Star Erica) are so awesome and geared for ages two to five and then the movie Barbie in Rock 'N Royals is good for ages six to nine.  Did you have a Barbie growing up? I bet if you did, yours had more than one outfit ;) 

Have a great week, friends!


{Disclaimer: we were provided with the Barbies and Barbie in Rock 'N Royals DVD to facilitate this review.  Opinions are mine (and Nya's).}


  1. My parents gave me a knock-off Barbie-type doll named Tammy. I also had her little sister, Pepper. I had a few outfits, but these dolls were a slightly bigger scale than Barbie so the regular Barbie clothes did not fit my dolls. My cousin had the REAL Barbie, with little sister, Skipper, and boyfriend, Ken. I was a little envious of her!! I still have my dolls (from the early 1960's) in a box in the basement!

    1. Carol, I love how all those feelings just come back! Wow, lucky cousin with Skipper and Ken :)