Saturday, November 29, 2014

Disney on Ice Date

Nya loved the Max & Ruby Ballet that we went to a few weeks ago (I had won tickets!) so I decided to take Nya to Disney on Ice.  We went this afternoon as it was an 11:30 am show which would be way better than a 7 pm one for her!

{She LOVES the hand clasp.  When she sits on my lap, we do this with both hands.}

She was very excited to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  She doesn't know very many characters so if I were to go again, I'd wait until she knew all the princesses and more Disney characters.  Or, I'd just teach her the songs...she LOVES to dance along to the music.

Do you see her adorable purple pea coat? It's a MEXX one that I got second hand.  It's size 3-4T so it's too big for her but I had to put her in it.  Purple is her favourite colour.

It's a tad bit overwhelming with all of the merchandise.  I'm the super lame mom who bought the cheapest tickets ($15 for her + fees = $25 and mine came to about $40), brought a few of my own snacks, and didn't buy her toys/cups/dolls.  She didn't ask either.

It was good.  I don't love shows (GASP! I know.) but Nya loved it.  She watched the full two hours and didn't want to leave our seats during intermission because she wanted to see Mickey and Minnie again.  The one sequence I didn't love was the Halloween one and it was a bit scary too.  She was fine but it wasn't fun and beautiful which is what she loves.  I think we loved Minnie in her princess dress the best.

I think it's a one time thing for me but I'm glad we went!  She really enjoyed it and it's fun to do something different with her.  It's been a lot of football/cars/hockey around here for years so adding in some Cinderella and Minnie Mouse keeps things interesting.  She hasn't watched any of the Disney movies yet, I wonder what would be a good one to start with....any ideas?



  1. I agree with you on the Halloween sequence, it wasn't my favourite either. We too were completely mesmerized and didn't get out of our seats for the full two hours!

  2. I love her coat! Purple is my favourite colour too! Wonder if they make that for adults?!

    In terms of what Disney movie to start with, I always liked (and still like!) Cinderella. A lot of them have scary villains (Sleeping Beauty with Maleficent; the witch in Snow White; the beast at times in Beauty and the Beast, etc) so I found Cinderella to be the least scary and most enjoyable. My current favourite Disney move though is Tangled. I wish it was out when I was young because I would've asked for everything Rapunzel!

  3. That is really fun!! (love her jacket)

    Regarding the princess movies, I agree with Bethany, they basically all have villains in them and it's only now that our kids are ok with some of them and I have to prep them for it (they are more sensitive that way than many kids we know, and I kinda love that). The one movie that so far doesn't have any villains is Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings. There's a lynx in it that they initially kind of went wide-eyed over, but then they realized it was a mode of transportation and not a bad lynx :)

    But I haven't watched Cinderella in years, although I don't recall any real villains aside from the mean stepmother.

  4. I know, I want her coat too!

    You guys, I just realized that she's seen Frozen! Will have to find a Cinderella or Tinker Bell movie somewhere :) I would personally love to watch Cinderella!

  5. She is so cute looks like such a fun day! My favourite Disney movie ever has to be the lion king. I still watch it when I get the chance!

  6. Jealous! Would love to take Jacob and Addison to see Disney on Ice! Both kids love Frozen! Tangled is also an awesome movie! Peter Pan would also be a good movie. I've found that none of the disney movies from when I was a kid are as awesome as they used to be. Frozen and Tangled are awesome. Jacob loves to sing the Frozen soundtrack :)