Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1.  Traditions.  Every year we go bowling with my family.  It is to celebrate Jackie, and now Hannah's, birthdays as they are so close to Christmas and it's nice for them to have a party too.   This year was the first year that we had all the kids bowling instead of the parents.  One lane for the big kids and one for the little ones. Way too cute.  So thankful that we can keep this up as the kids look forward to it all year.  

2.  Buddies.  Before bowling, we have a meal in the adjoining room.  Look at all of these buddies that our kids will grow up with.  So special.  The kids all play nicely together which is pretty unbelievable.  Well, I guess Nya and Georgie have their moments but not bad at all.

3.  Seeing Gary's softer side. I love seeing him with the boys and I love seeing him with Nya.  He gets their personalities so well.

4. Encouraging kids.  `Good job, Nya!' `Way to go, Koen!'. etc.  Love seeing them support each other.

5.  New recipes.  This one was circling on facebook but it's basically a crustless quiche.  Make sure you really spray your muffin pans as this was not a fun one to clean.  It was yummy to eat though!

6.  An article in print.   I've had my pictures published before but nothing I've written.  I never thought I'd have something in a flight magazine but here it is in the COPA magazine.  

7.  Fundraising success.  Such a hard working boy and supportive neighbours = $75 to donate!

8.  Foster Training Being Completed. We finished our education portion last night!  I feel like we graduated :)  Next up, home study!  I'm thinking that by March we will be good to go.  The picture below might not seem like it's related but when we went to see Kai's class lead Chapel, I was thankful that I can be here with my kids, that they can support each other, and we look forward to providing a stable and loving home for a child in the near future.

9.  A great visit from a friend.  And her three crazy boys.  This is the mess they made.  I think it's probably good that Koen and Caden don't hang out together often...they would get into a lot of trouble!  Koen has the personality of jumping in full steam without thinking things through.

10.  A great babysitter.  We have our foster parent training every Wednesday night and Lauren has been babysitting for us.  She is great with our kids.  Nya still isn't sure about Lauren putting her to bed so I usually just put Nya down super early (which means she gets up on Thursdays at 5 am).   I love having a babysitter that is so close and who I know and trust.

I hope that you are having a good week!



  1. Congratulations on having the article you wrote about your dad's adventure in the flying magazine.

  2. So cool to do a big family bowling party like that! For the fun of it AND that it's all family :)

    Um, where is that quiche recipe? :) I want to try it!

    so awesome re: the article, the fundraising, and the training completion!

  3. Kelly-basically eggs, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, salt and pepper, and sausage. That's it! 200C for 25 min.

    Not sure if this link will work: