Monday, November 24, 2014

Caring For Others

Kai's class is raising money to help families in need.  Together they decided to purchase seeds & tools, 4 fruit trees, a sheep, 2 chickens and a backpack with school supplies to help families through World Renew Gift Catalogue.  Each child was asked to fund raise approximately $11 each in order to make the total required.  It was suggested that they do chores but we decided to do something different as he does quite a few chores already.

We made some Chocolate Bark together.  We shopped, prepared and packaged it together (with me getting him to wash his hands 100 times).  He then took his brother and sister, while Gary or I stood on the sidewalk, and went door to door.   He had a very cute speech for every person, `Hi, my name is Kai and I'm your neighbour.  I'm .....'.  Every single person who he spoke to bought one.  Isn't that wild?  

Each bag costs about $1.50-$2.00 to make and he sells them for $3.00.  I asked if he wanted to sell them 2 for $5 in order to sell more quickly.  Kai said, `No, mom.  I don't care if it takes longer to sell them, I want to raise more money to give.'.  It brought me to tears.  This is what I yearn for for my kids.  A giving, caring heart.  Thinking of others.  I'm not saying he's always a wonderful kid but this makes me so thankful.  He's generally encouraging of others (especially his siblings) but he's also competitive and not always the most inclusive.  We have been working on being humble and thinking of others.   

The last batch (Oreo Candy Cane!) has been made and packaged and he is planning on going out tonight to sell it.  All together, after paying me back for supplies (that Callebaut chocolate is expensive!), he will have raised about $60!

I came across this article this morning,  `Are you raising nice kids?' .  It's a good read and a great reminder.  Yes, it's nice to see a great report card or a child happy about a new experience, but it's much greater to see a tender heart.

PS If you ever make chocolate bark to sell, people will not choose Dark Chocolate Craisin so don't even make it :)



  1. This is soooo awesome.

    PS. He obviously didn't come to my door because I would have bought the dark chocolate. AND the other one. *SIGH*

  2. Way to go Kai and the rest of his supporters!

  3. What a great first lesson in running a business too!

  4. That's great! Good idea to sell some yummy chocolate to raise money and to have him help you make it too! My in laws probably would've bought some if you went that far over!