Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1. Independent Play.  Nya Bear has often wanted me to play with her but now she will play independently for long periods of time.  I bought an ice cream themed play dough set and she has played with it for about an hour a day.  So worth the $10!  Koen has always been so amazing at playing alone and with a daughter that hasn't napped in about a year, I appreciate down time!

2.  Great couples to work with.  I've probably said this before but I'm so thankful for the couples whose wedding days we get to capture in 2015!  

3.  Free tickets!  You guys, I know it seems like I win quite a bit and I do.  Seriously, I should do a whole post about how to win free stuff.  Step 1: Enter blog giveaways which have the best chance of winning! Step 2: Enter at least one contest every day.  I won Max & Ruby tickets for Nya and I valued at about $70.00 total.   Here's an example of a blog you should visit as she has two great prizes to giveaway right now: Bits of Bee. 

4.  A great date with Nya.   I had no idea how she would do with Max & Ruby as she doesn't even watch the show and it was at night.  She LOVED it.  She loved the dancing and the dresses.  So cute.  I just bought tickets to Disney on Ice for us too.  I know a lot of people think why spend money on events if they don't remember them but:

 a) I'd rather spend money on events/experiences than toys.  Usually I go for free experiences but sometimes if it's a highly recommended experience, we'll do more. 

b) Every single experience helps build their brain connections.  It can only help to spend time with mommy in a cool new environment.  Something like 75% of brain development happens by the age of 2! 

5.  Koen loving school.  Oh, does he love it.   He rarely writes for me, but if Ms. L asks him, he's all over it.  The boys both LOVE their out of school care program and I love that they get hours of exercise every day :)

6.  Crisp clear days/evenings.  The mountains are incredible.  I love living where we do.

7.  Creative kids.  Koen is still playing `Trick or Treat' with his stuffies for long periods of time.  Whoever gets the double pack of Swedish Fish is always very lucky.

8.  Nice camera equipment and knowing how to use it.  I love photographing my kids.

9.  Hours of fun on the slide.  It was an outside one but Nya and I cleaned it and brought it in for the winter.  Our kids need to move, move, move.  It provides so much fun for them and is a great way to race cars. The daycare girls loved it too.

10.  Miss Nya FINALLY adjusting to the time change (took two weeks!) and now gets up at 6:45am. PS Can you see the scar (huge indent) at the top of her forehead? It's from when she fell down the front stairs and you can see it when she lifts her eyebrows.

I hope you are having a great week!!  Tell me something you are thankful for today. Please.



  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    1) Kids that sleep. This does not include my littlest. He is very sucky at sleeping these days. And that is not a complaint, merely an observation ;)
    2) Healthy children.
    3) A great place to stay while we visit the Lower Mainland. Lots of space. Comfy beds. A nana and papa to love.

    Too tired for much more thinking this early.

  2. !

  3. While I'm digging out from 8 inches of snow, I am thankful I don't live in Buffalo, New York!

  4. Carol-good one! The pictures I've seen out of New York are so wild.

    Ali-I can never be thankful enough for a good nights sleep.

    Lauren-oh man, I still haven't tried it! Soon...soon!

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Thankful for a sister who takes great photos :)

  6. I never win stuff! I need to get more serious about contest entering.

    Love Nya's pout in the last picture :)

  7. Ha, I love the trick-or-treating stuffies!

  8. GAH! My mom just bought tickets to the Nutcracker for her and Taeya (i'm just kind of...REALLY...jealous) for her Christmas present...but man, I would have totally entered that contest! (aaand, we have an event that day anyway...they're going a different day).
    Thankful today for running. It's good for me :)

  9. Thankful that you are coming to book club - I always enjoy seeing you:)

  10. I'm thankful for the sun that has been shining pretty much every day and slowly melting our snow. It was -30 last week so this -5 or getting to +5 is fantastic! Thankful for a church that runs a drop in play group that Addison has made friends at! Thankful for getting a hair cut tomorrow! And for fun times at VV for my birthday!

  11. Kelly-running (and other repetitive activities like swimming, shooting a bball, biking etc) are recommended for kids with higher cortisol (stress) levels...I think it makes us all feel better!

    Katrina-if you want to win, you do need to get more serious about it:)

    Mandeep-I actually can't come now :( Chapman birthdays. Again.

    Kelsey-yes, drop in. Love it. Good ones!