Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful For:

1.  The joy on Koen's face when he showed us that he had the class bear for the weekend.  He was so incredibly happy.

2.  Gary's supporting me in how we eat.  I know I've said things like this before but it's not easy to make a change on your own.  Even if Gary isn't eating `on plan' as much as I am, he has still made so many changes and I'm proud of him!  Here's a picture showing all the inches he lost so far...(about 15-20 lbs).

3.  A nice weekend away.  I am very thankful that we have a place to go to if we want to get away and not spend $$$.  Thanks dad!  The kids LOOOOOOVE the quad.

4.  A dad that's relatively healthy.  He has nine lives:)  Thankfully in order to fly you need to maintain certain physical standards so he is forced to stay in shape and eat somewhat healthily. 

5.  A series that Gary and I enjoy watching together on Netflix!  I wonder what real lawyers think about it but we like it! 

6.  Community on facebook.  This boggled my mind, but I posted a picture of a sweater wondering if I should keep it or not.  I had over 60 responses!!  Thanks, friends.  I have some good ones.  In case you are wondering, the majority said `keep it' but you know what? It wasn't me!  I don't usually do `trendy' because I need something to last 5+ years :)  I returned it.

7.  Giveaways!  I love being able to do giveaways.  The two winners for the Google Chromecast Streaming Media have been selected!! 

8.  Those that fought to keep our country safe.  We went to a Remembrance Day ceremony but were one hour early by accident and the kids couldn't handle the wind/cold so we came home after 45 minutes.  We had our 2 minutes of silence at 11am.  {Koen may have said, `What's silence?'}

9.  Moments when these two play nicely.  Unfortunately it is when they are playing the `Throwing Game' on the bunk beds (throwing stuffed animals).  So far, no one has been hurt. 

10.  Babysitters/drivers.  Whether they are paid or volunteer, I'm thankful for those that we can call.  It is probably one of the most stressful things for me parenting wise because I don't have a lot of people who have the freedom to babysit at any time (who I know/trust) so I am thankful for each person who has helped drive Kai to climbing, do daycare when I work random days, babysit when we go out etc. It's been a bit wilder with our foster training/basketball season so I'm thankful it's worked out.

{Gary and I had free tickets to the Lions Game because they lost their other game back in August.  Well, it ended up a bit pricier with parking and the skytrain but it was fun for us.  It was our first sporting even without kids, how is that even possible?!}  

I hope you had a wonderful week so far!   I won tickets to Max & Ruby in the Nutcracker Suite for tonight so Nya and I will have a fun date :) 



  1. I love the show Suits! I watched all the seasons and caught up before the current season aired in June. It's back for the second part of season 4 in January I think.

  2. We just finished season 1 so we have a ways to go!

  3. So to clarify, you did return the sweater?

  4. Kelly-yes :) You're right, it wasn't super clear! I'll add that in.