Thursday, May 08, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Oh boy!  I barely made this in time.  I'm subbing twice this week, Nya got up at 3am FOR THE DAY on Wednesday and Gary is gone all week.  Then there's the regular stuff like preschool, school, swimming lessons, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping AND TAKING CARE OF MISS NYA.  So, it's a little busy.

Thankful for:

1.  A bottle collecting partner.  Please don't judge, but wow, I am semi addicted to collecting bottles.  I love going for a half hour bike ride almost every day and hitting up 4 prime locations.  Nya comes along shouting `Bottle! Bottle!' whether there are bottles or not.

2.  Learning new things about Gary.  I thought I knew almost everything but this week he pulled out his collection of money from around the world?!  What?!  I added my Tanzanian shillings to it.

3.  A business that has allowed me to stay home with the kids for the past 5 years.  GC Photography will probably not be continuing into 2015 because I need a change and I need my weekends back.  I probably have 5-7 weekends a year (winter usually) where there isn't a session or wedding so I definitely am looking forward to that freedom.  We will probably still do weddings for those that we know well, and the random session here or there, but...ya.  So thankful for it's success and how much I have learned and all the wonderful people I've met.  I just want to make sure that we end while loving it so that we can still take oodles of photos of our family :)  What will we be doing instead? Stay tuned!

4.  Picnics outside.

5.  This Princess pj top.  She wore it for 48 hours straight.  If I didn't let her wear it, she probably would've gone naked for those 48 hours.  I don't want a lot of Dora and princess clothing but if she had her way....
(PS she's practicing her back float)

6.  Kids seeing the beauty where we don't.  Lovely flower for you, mom?

7.  An awesome mother for 27 years.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

8.  Koen's Mother's Day card.  Some funny things were: My mom's name is Aunty Louise.  My mom is really good at laundry.  Her favourite drink is  beer.  (I actually like to drink wine).

(PS Koen has my sister Jantina's smile.  His mouth does not curve up at the corners!)

9. Sleep.  How can 25lbs of cuteness be sooooooooooooo much work?!!

10. Subbing.   It has worked so well.  They let me know days in advance and this week I subbed for my favourite teacher; Gary :)

I hope you are having a great week!  I should also let you know that this week's marriage topic was a `hot' one so you'll want to check back for that this weekend.  I learned something new (again), and just have to figure out how to write the post so that my mother-in-law won't have a heart attack if she reads it.

Love, Louise 


  1. How are you enjoying the bike rides and child seat? I am dreaming if getting a bike and a seat or trailer for Evie to ride in.

    So note to self I need to book family photos and have a 2nd kid before that end date ;)

  2. We have a bike trailer but I LOVE the child seat. So perfect!!! I'm just borrowing it from a friend this summer but would definitely recommend it.
    Ha, I definitely have photographers I could recommend to you :)

  3. I have 3 children picking me dandelions, I have bunches in glasses all along my window sill :) too bad you don't live closer, we are too lazy to go to the bottle depot, though you'd be competing with the local bottle collector.. ;)

  4. So many great things this week. Love the bottle collecting. We have a collection going for you guys :) Looking forward to your next marriage post and seeing what's ahead in place of GC photography! Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  5. Haley-oh man, I wish we lived closer for many reasons!

    Katrina-thank you in advance for the bottles:)

  6. OH NO!!!!! What about those of us who are planning on getting married in summer 2015 and wanted your photography??!! :( [said people may not be engaged yet...but like to plan in advance ;) ]

    1. Shannon!! Still doing weddings for those we know and love :)

  7. Several things made me smile this week!

  8. "please don't judge me but..." HAHAHA. This is great :)
    #8 - love it :)

  9. Ha, Gary's mom. Awkward. Dandelions are the best. Flowers that grow wi though bribery, then blow toys? How can that be bad