Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nya Turns Two

I feel like I've been celebrating Nya turning two for so long now.  She's not my baby anymore and it's a very strange feeling to be going through these stages for the last time.  I wouldn't say that I'm sad and missing all that was before (I cannot do any more sleepless nights!!!), but I'm definitely treasuring her 2 year old sweetness.  I love seeing the world through the eyes of our kids and I have learned so much through them along the way.  I think the biggest thing is just looking around and finding enjoyment in things that our eyes usually just pass over.  Ants climbing up a tree? Awesome!  A cloud shaped like a car. Cool!  Leaves racing down a stream? Fun!

Today is Thursday which would normally be my `Thankful Thursday' post.  So, here it is as a Nya Edition.  The photos don't relate to the points but I wanted to disperse them amongst the writing.  It's always more fun to read something with photos!  Good thing these were mini cupcakes because she may have had three of them while having her picture taken :)

Thankful For Nya's:

1. Sweetness-she is concerned when she sees others upset.  She'll ask if they are `otay'.  She loves to pray for her cousins.

2. Love for music-she loves to sing and dance.

3. Strong will- NO NAP! NO HIGHCHAIR! This will come in handy further down the road.

4. Easy going nature-she loves going anywhere and everywhere (not always the church nursery though)

5. Sense of Humour-she loves saying `Hi Wawouise!' (Louise) or chanting `Number one pest!' to Koen.

6. Fiesty-ness & sense of adventure-she will do whatever the boys are doing whether it's climbing, running or jumping.

7. Love-she shares her love for us in such a physical way.  We savour her cuddles, hugs and kisses.  We all find her to be the cutest, sweetest, chattiest, little 25lbs of awesomeness.

8. Smile-have you seen the dimples? The sparkle in her eye?!  Melt me!!!!

9. Independence-she can go to the bathroom on her own, put on her own socks, shoes and pants.  She follows directions very well.

10. Role as my daughter-I didn't realize how much I would value this mother daughter relationship but it means so much to me as I don't have my own mom here on earth.

Miss Nya, we love you so much.  We hope that you will always know that you are incredible just the way you are.   God has a plan and purpose for you and I look forward to discovering that alongside you, cheering you on. 

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Kai and Koen.


  1. What an absolute dolly...such gorgeous pics of your precious one. Happy Birthday Miss Nya!

  2. Happy Birthday to Nya! A great edition of "Thankful Thursday"

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Beautiful pics, I was just at Sendall gardens on the weekend! I love the 2 year old stage!

  4. This is awesome! She's adorable!

  5. Beautiful post & pictures. Happy birthday Nya!

  6. She is truly beautiful. Happy birthday Nya!

  7. #3: fantastic perspective :)

    Happy Bday again!

  8. Very awesome! Happy Birthday Nya!

  9. Love her! The cutest!!

  10. I looove the last series with you and Nya. Absolute beauties!