Thursday, May 01, 2014

Thankful Thursday

{If you are new here, every Thursday, I post 10 things that I am thankful for.  They are often iPhone photos because I just take them throughout the week when I recognize something I'm thankful for. }

Thankful for:

1. A great place to buy bread.  I buy the discount bread at McGavin's Bread Basket Store, it's where my mom used to buy it too.  It's near expiry so we just freeze it.  Between five people and three meals, we go through about 1 loaf per day.  I got 20 items (bagels, hamburger buns, bread) for $20!  There is a $5 coupon in the coupon book, one for each month, if you have one.

2.  The patience to bake with the girls (Nya and nieces).  We made a chocolate cake and they loved it. Everyone got a turn to pour ingredients in and to mix.

3. Nya's `new' camping chair.  We didn't have one for her yet and we are going camping THREE TIMES this summer.  $1 from a garage sale. She loves her hippo chair and always makes sure that she has a water bottle in the holder!

4.  Awesome weather.  It was great to look at the weather outlook on Sunday night and realize what a great week we had ahead of us.

5. The kids read the photobooks I've made.  I get nervous that they will wreck them but it's nice to see them appreciate all the work that I put into it.  They love reading about themselves when they were younger.

6.  Nya cooperating for pictures.  With a toddler you never, ever know what will happen. Phew.

7. Koen having a great attitude about biking.  He has been able to bike for a while without training wheels but being that it was wintery and wet for so long, we haven't been able to bike a lot over the last 6 months or so.  Today he finally figured out how to start on his own :)  I loved watching him zip around the park.  Go Koen go!

8. A pair of shorts that fit.  I won't delve into my struggle with my body/weight right now but I have a pair that will fit me nicely this summer.  I got them at the Gap outlet for $14.99!

9. This moment.  These two love each other but pester one another non stop.  Nya will beat on him, Koen will take her things.  They chose to lay side by side for 15 minutes to watch a show together.  I melted a little. There was no fighting and I was shocked. 

10. The gift of cheese from my dad.  Once a month or so, he will give us all (each sister) a block of cheese.  I know this sounds a bit silly but I love it because I always have a hard time spending so much on cheese.  Thanks dad! I'm all about practicality :)

 I hope you can find some things to be thankful for today.  

And, now that I have your attention....I need some fashion advice!  I really like this cream lace dress but I find it too short to wear and be appropriate.  What do I wear it with?  I picture myself wearing a brown belt with it but can I wear leggings with it? What colour? Help me, please.

Thank you, friends!

Love, Louise


  1. #4 - I'm a little jealous of your weather this week
    #10 - I'll leave the fashion advise to your younger friends!

  2. I melted a little at the picture of Nya and Koen. We should have a biking "play-date" :)

  3. Navy leggings with a brown belt would be pretty. Or shorten the length so it's like a poplum (s? ) style top

  4. 10. So great, I love practical gifts and I also hate spending money on cheese!!

    8. Love the color of those shorts! You have three kids and you look great. Be kind to yourself :)

  5. great list! :)
    I am not one to give fashion advice, but i can picture what Tamara said and I think that would look so cute! I saw a nearly identical dress at Marshall's this week and toyed with the idea of trying for that outfit she described :)

  6. I think you could get away with any colour of leggings because it's neutral and the brown belt would still be neutral. So go for it! Even with a pair of jeggings or just skinny jeans I think would work.
    I am also very jealous of your weather! We had a taste of it on Wednesday and Thursday and then on Friday it was snowing and it hasn't stopped!!!

  7. I am going to have to try McGavin's for bread! Edwin and I don't go through that much bread...but I always like a good deal ;) As for the dress - any color! I like Tamara's suggestion of navy blue.