Monday, May 19, 2014

Nya & Georgie's 2nd Birthday Party

My sister Maria and I decided to celebrate Nya and Georgie's birthdays together because it's often hard to get family members together, and besides, their birthdays are just 6 weeks apart. It ended up being so great because you share the cost of the food AND there's twice the people organizing, baking,  and cleaning up etc.  Perfect.  We had their party today at Maria and Kris' house.  I may have taken a lot of photos but the kids were having so much fun, the light was perfect, and I love all these little people.

Nya's actual birthday is on Thursday and I'll share the `official' 2 year old pictures I've taken of her then (and a whole bunch of mushy, sappy, emotional stuff I'm sure!).  For now, enjoy today's birthday girls!

I tried Martha Stewart's Chocolate Chip Cupcakes.  I decided they are not my favourite but the buttercream icing is always good!

Maria made the Dora cake (with the gooey geyser!).

A bubble machine is quite the party starter when you're 2!

I love these ones of Gary and Nya.  I finally gave Gary (and the boys) a haircut yesterday.  Look how smiley he is!  As a side note, Gary made some very tasty sandwiches for the party.  

The only way to get Jack in the photo...although I think Jan secretly wanted to be in there. So many kids.  So many blessings.  Next one joins us in July!

Kai showing off Nya's new skirt

It was such a great afternoon.  Yay for baby girls turning 2!  Yay for family!  Yay for no rain!

Love, Louise


  1. What a fun time! I just loving seeing so many cousins together!! It's amazing. My kids don't have cousins so we adopt friends as "cousins" :)

  2. Looks like a blast! I'm looking forward to my huge family birthday party in August! We have 5 birthdays in August alone so there's always a big birthday bash for everyone!

  3. Ashley-glad you've found cousins:)

    Kelsey-Gary, Kai and I are all in August too! December must be a big baby making month :)

  4. such an enjoyable time spent celebrating these two special girls. :)

  5. Very sweet pictures. Love all the cousins - such a blessing!