Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This week's version of Thankful Thursday includes a video that Gary and the kids made for me last night.  Apparently I never leave the house to give them time to do it. Oops!  It's cute. I promise.  Okay, maybe just to me.  If you're wondering what Koen is saying he's thankful for at first, it's that I get the treat bag down for him (they have their Easter treats on top of the fridge and he can't reach). There is a little `I love you' from Nya at the end.

Thankful for:

1. Celebrating my dad's 60th birthday.  Each and every year is a gift!  The kids each told him what they were thankful for and the boys both appreciated Opi taking them out for coffee (hot chocolate) and the silly tricks he plays on them.  I think all kids LOVE experiences, right?  

2.  Gary bringing me a piece of chocolate cake from the ferry.  He came home late last Friday and I was soooo tired.  We had this cake on our honeymoon (going to the Kingfisher in Courtenay) and so it's kind of special :)

3. Swimming Lessons.  We  put our kids in very few activities as I'm valuing this time together as a family before they grow up and are super busy.  We do have the boys in swimming lessons right now and they love it.  Koey is a Salmon and Kai is in Swim Kids 2.  Koey will likely be learning the lesson that as long as he tries his hardest, that is all that matters :)

4.  Birthday fun for Koen and Nya.  They don't go to many parties at their age so they had a lot of fun celebrating a sweet little friend.

5. Dora. I don't like saying that.   I just love that if I need a break, she will watch a whole episode. Thankful for PVR and Dora.   

6. Continous growth in marriage.  It's amazing how much we can still learn about each other over the years.  In this picture I was trying to thank everyone for coming but was so overwhelmed I couldn't even speak.  And yes, I probably should have had someone do my hair and make up.  I was just back from Kenya and all about being super simple.  I would just say that if you feel your marriage is in a tough spot, I PROMISE you that it can get better.  It takes work though, and even if your partner isn't wanting to invest much effort, you can start the change.

7. A yard that is used.  It's so small, but really, it has so much for the kids to do.  Kai plays hockey in the alley but other than that, they use the trampoline, slide and water table all the time (I removed the sand, Kim! Way better!).

8. Subbing once a week.  It's the perfect amount for me.  It's so nice to be able to bring the kids to a daycare that they love and I can work and make some money.  Thomas is now one of Koey's good friends.

9. Having my parenting partner back. Phew. Awesome. Exhale.  He is a wonderful father and teammate.

10. Flowers.  It's getting pretty around here!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
We will be celebrating Nya's birthday, can't wait!

Love, Louise


  1. I LOVE how much Koen and Thomas love each other!

    what a sweet little video!!

  2. Have a great long weekend!

  3. Super cute video. Love that picture with Gary and the kids!!