Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thankful Thursday

**I have been doing Thankful Thursday posts for about 8 months now.  One new thing we've tried with the kids this week is that if they are being hurtful to one another, they need to come up with things that they appreciate about the other person.  They can say it or write it out. If they are being ungrateful towards us, they need to come up with things that they are thankful for about us.  I know that focusing on the positive has worked for me so we'll see what happens with this.**

This week, I am thankful for:

1.  A freckled nose.  Inevitable in this family so let's just be thankful for it.  This is Koen's should see Kai's!  

2.  Dinner with my dad.  He is leaving on a big trip and flying his little plane to places where very few do.  Let's just say he needs to be prepared for polar bears.  He took my sisters and I out for dinner to say goodbye which was lovely.  You can follow his blog `Jack's Adventures' on the side of my blog.  His writing isn't pretty but the adventure will be!

3.  An easy transition for Nya into a big girl bed!  She hasn't even tried to come out. Awesome.  Cute. Adorable.

4. Norwex cloths for windows and mirrors.  Love it.  You just wet it with some water and it's good to go!  Ignore the finger prints on the buffet.

5. Koen's kindergarten day.  He went last week and he is so ready for kindergarten to start and SO. AM. I.  

6.  Our climber.  What a monkey.  I love that she can keep up with the boys.

7.  A teething 2 year old.  Much easier than a teething 1 year old.  

8.  A `new' car.  We have known for several years that we would need to replace `Penny' (my car of 13 years) and when this one came up, we bought it.  A 2009 Matrix. We got it for a great price (just under $7000.00 which came to $8000.00 with taxes and increased insurance) which was the range we were looking in.  This is also the reason why our summer holidays just involve camping this year :)

{Below is my first car, Penny, of 13 years.  I will miss her!!!  So many memories. She's not pretty and I've always been annoyed that she was gold, but seriously, she was great!}

9.  Winning prizes!!!   I won a prize pack from Breakfast Television for a basket full of amazing food and tickets to EAT Vancouver!  Gary and I LOVE food and will enjoy a date there this weekend.  Yay, free-ish date (boo for parking, tolls and gas)!  This was my second visit to Breakfast Television and again, they were soooo friendly.  They gave Koen, Nya and I a tour of the sets! 

10. Tomato paste in a tube.  So useful when you don't need a whole cans worth!  Also fun is that this was from our friend Jen when we were visiting the Philippines so it's a good reminder of her whenever we use it!

I hope that you have a wonderful day.  If it's feeling gloomy, I totally recommend writing down or just saying out loud, what things you are thankful for.   Or, at the dinner table tonight, get each person to say what they are thankful for.  It makes a difference, I promise!  

Love, Louise

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  1. Thank you for the reminder about trying to get the kids (and us) to appreciate each other.

  2. I have heard about Tomato Paste in a tube...I think Trader Joe's used to carry it, but I couldn't find it. Do you know if they sell it anywhere in Canada?

  3. Jessica, good question! I wonder if Well Seasoned in Langley or Nature's Fare would have it? Anyone know?!

  4. Nice car! I agree, much cooler than the gold :)

  5. a wee bit jealous about your EAT Vancouver gift basket. ENjoy!!! :)

  6. #2 - just looked at your father's blog - now I see where you get your adventurous spirit from. Oh man...what a trip!