Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for:

1.  Kids growing up & continuously learning new skills.  Although it's sometimes sad to see them move from cute little toddlers into smelly (beautiful) boys, I love that they can learn so many different skills as they work towards independence.  Kai has dreams of being a Top Chef so I think he will make a lovely lady very happy one day :)

2.  Being able to attend my niece and nephews birthday parties.  So fun for all of the cousins. Happy birthday Sami and Jack!
{Nya was very thankful for the cupcake}
{The boys were very thankful for these toilets in their goody bags that made farting noises the whole way home}

3.  March Madness.  Gary's top sporting event of the year is the NCAA basketball tourney so I'm happy that he was happy to watch some great games. (He was also trying to fix one of our back up drives at the same time).

4.  This cheese grater.  So grate (ha).  Right into the container and it has a separate top for storage.  From Ikea.

5.  Our lazy susan!  We just put the leaf in our table and added the lazy susan.  Our family is now big enough. Love it. 

6.  The `Push Daddy Off The Couch' game.  Started about 6 years ago and now Gary has 3 attackers.

7.  Nya's beautiful eyes.  I love how big they are.  She melts me.  Well, except when she doesn't nap, then she destroys me. 

8. Kai's maturity.  Sure he jokes about farts just like the next guy, but you can have real deep conversations with him.  I love that we are able to explain so many different ideas/beliefs/processes with him.

9.  Koen's complexity.  I don't know how to explain him.  He is a very focussed  kid that can play for hours and hours making up creative games on his own.  However, he is very, very goofy and has no personal space whatsoever.  He gives 100% without thinking of possible consequences (example: run as fast as he can and runs into things).  He loves his siblings and LOVES teaching Nya new words every day. He also tries to teach her math which is not going so well.  I guess I love that he continually confuses and amuses us.

10.  Planting flowers.  I'm excited to make our yard look a little prettier. I have plans for a section by our fence that has the perfect evening light for hope is to put in a flower bed there in the next week.

Happy Thankful Thursday everyone. 

So much to be thankful for.

Love, Louise


  1. A wonderful list......that just keeps growing!

  2. 1. Way to go Kai! Nothing better than a husband that cooks :)

    9. I didn’t realize that Koen was getting freckles too! Super cute. You have beautiful kids!!

  3. the practicality of that cheese grater makes me happy every single time i use it. such a good buy.