Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1.  Our new trailer hitch.  Our van didn't come with one so Gary and his dad ordered one and installed it themselves.  This is for our bike rack that we will need this summer.  So thankful they could do it themselves and save $!

2. Exploring nature with the kiddos.  It's my happy place.  Seriously.  Walking along a path in the forest is one of my favourite places to be.  Other places include tropical beach and mountain top (but not with scary heights).

3. Bubbles.  What kid does not love bubbles?  Must get another bubble machine.

4.  Book club.  I'm part of a book club with some women from church and it's been good for me.  I love to read. Love it. I miss it.  On Saturday I was feeling overwhelmed with so many social things throughout the week and just no break from the kids.  I went to my room for one hour with a book and a coffee and it felt amazing.  By the way, I was totally crying in the last chapter of this book.  It's a good one.

5. Siblings.  I may have said this before but I love how these guys know eachother so well.  This means that they can push each other's buttons but they can also help each with love and support.  Koen still hasn't figured out how to smile on command :)

6. Hair clips in Nya's hair.  She let me!  She wore it for an hour!  How is it that my baby girl took the longest to grow out her hair?

7.  Almost 9 years of marriage.  Next month is our anniversary.  We'll have to go big for the 1-0 next year :)  We were planning a bike trip but the place we want to stay at is booked until mid July so I think we will go later, maybe in the fall.  It's looking like a nice dinner out will be our celebration.

8. A bike seat!  A friend from church lent it to us and we've used it several times already.  There is something so sweet about hearing Nya behind me singing and saying `Weeeeee!'.

9.  A great teacher for Kai.  We had student led conferences yesterday and it was great to see what he has been doing and learning.  He has an amazing teacher and I respect and appreciate her very much.  I should probably get a picture of Kai with her before the year is up!
{Kai showing off his skipping skills. Nya chose her outfit}
{Kai teaching Koen about composting.  So cool that they have this outdoor area upstairs outside their classroom.}

10. Easter dinners with family.  It is always very busy for each holiday as we have every single family member (31.5 Dekens and Chapmans not including us) living nearby.  This is a blessing and I am thankful (most of the time!).  It's fun to have big cousins on Gary's side and lotsa little ones on my side.  I can learn from my sister in laws and I can empathize with my sisters.  

11.  Bonus one: Gary running alongside Koen while he learned how to bike without training wheels.  Gary had just finished a 5km run and then I suggested the bike ride.  Koen can bike but can't start on his own so Gary had to run alongside.  Go Gary go!  

I really hope that you can find some things to be thankful for.  I feel like when I go about my life with the mindset of looking for things to be thankful for, it really helps to keep those negative thoughts away.  Just saying :)

Have a great weekend!  We're almost there!

Love, Louise


  1. #4 - I always appreciate a good book recommendation

    #7 - we will be married 35 years in May! We are going to be spending a week in Vancouver and Vancouver Island in June!

    #10 - having all those relatives close by is almost unheard of these days

  2. I have heard that book is really good and I think it finally came in at the library for me to pick up. I look forward to reading it.

  3. 1. we want one too (not that we have anything to hook up to it, but we have plans for one day...)
    2. YES!
    7. yahoo!!!

  4. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Ive read that book as well! :)

  5. I'm going to get that book from the library!

  6. Yeah for Book Club. Best thing I have done for me in a long time.