Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Day In The Life...

I've been working less and therefore have more time to take photos throughout the day.  I love to photograph my own family more than anything.  I am so thankful that we have some snazzy equipment and the know how to use it. I wish that my creativity also extended into fashion, design, sewing, decorating etc :)

 I get grumpy when Nya does not nap (at least 50% of the time) as there is no down time for me to work in the day.   I can do all my housework with her awake (although when vacuuming she insists that I hold her) but if I sit at the computer for a minute to work, she will not have it.  Yes, I can have her in quiet time in her room but that lasts less than an hour.  Taking cute pictures of them helps to remind me of their awesomeness.

 Koey always sleeps in the longest (7:30am)  and he loves when Nya joins him for a morning cuddle in the bunk bed.  Yes, he still has a safety rail on his bed as he falls out every time without it.
Trampoline + fine hair = great lesson in static electricity
The whole `close your eyes and relax' method didn't work.  Bird didn't get any seeds.
It was the perfect morning to walk at Campbell Valley Park (north entrance...must do it again soon)
Nya's first time playing `Hungry Hippos'.  She's a fan.  Koen did not go easy on her.
Rule #27 in photographing people: always have the eyes in focus.  This one did not follow that rule but she's too cute.
In the bath, Kai and Nya play `mean auntie Jackie' and Koen gives Nya vaccinations :) {Jackie gave the kids their hep A shots and boosters}
Tea party with bear and baby
You don't wear a helmet when walking to the park?  You must not have an Elmo one.
Sibling fun.
Perfect end to a great day?  Peach and Strawberry (and mango) Crumble.  This was the recipe I used...I replaced arrowroot flour with cornstarch. So easy.
Although it can be boring be with the kids day in and out, I am so glad that right now it works for us.  I get to enjoy all these moments with them.  I know soon enough they'll all be in school, and suddenly, running around with an Elmo helmet will not be very cool.

Have a wonderful day.
Love, Louise


  1. Such a beautiful blog! Your kids are so adorable. I especially love the one of Nya and Koen in the bunkbed.

  2. That picture with the bird is AMAZING! Great job! I wish I could take awesome pictures like that. I got a new camera, but it is still a beginner DSLR and I have lots to learn :-)

  3. Love that picture with Koen and the bird!!

  4. Enjoyed your "day in the life" pictures!

  5. Thank you for the reminder of they will soon be gone to school. It's been a rough morning and all before 8am.

  6. Terri, thanks. I love the moments where they aren't bugging each other :)
    Jessica-the fun thing about those cameras is that there is always more to learn!
    Katrina-thanks. He was brave and tried it again. Same story though.
    Carol-thank you!
    Kelsey-hopefully today was better?!