Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sister's Getaway

I don't get away often without Gary (maybe every 3 years?!) and this weekend my sisters and I all went away together.  We went to Harrison Hotsprings which is relatively close and suits our personalities; outdoorsy and relaxing.  It's hard to get away because all of us work (three full time) and I work almost every single weekend.  Throw into the mix toddlers, newborns, pregnancy, breastfeeding, working husbands and ya, it gets a bit tricky!
{Below is a picture of me setting up the timer for the shot above. My sisters love making fun of me for taking pictures so often but I think they appreciate it.}
We did a hike, hung out in the adult only pool, went out to eat, walked and enjoyed some beer and wine.
It's easy to be together in that we all get each other and we can say what we think to each other.  We're all in the same place (married, young kids, live in the lower mainland, working etc) which makes for many things to talk about candidly.
We are all  quite close in age as all 5 of us were born in 8 years!  I'd say one of the biggest differences is just in our intro/extrovertedness.  We've got the extremes and I'm in the middle.  
{Youngest to oldest.  Jackie is 7 months pregnant.}
My dad came by Saturday night to join us for dinner and talk about his big upcoming trip.  I won't share too much about it, but you can ask me in person.  However, I will say that he has done some specialized training in a capsule in the pool learning what to do if his plane crashes in the water.  Who knew you could do that? 

Thanks for dinner, dad!  It is pretty interesting when people find out that we are his 5 daughters.  It seems like a lot when you see us together.
I know that some people do not have siblings.  Some have lost siblings.  Some people have difficult relationships with their siblings.  Some people live far away from their siblings.  I am thankful that I have these girls/young women/ladies in my life (even if Jan turns on the light at 7 am and wakes us all up).
{From Jackie's camera; I win! I jumped the highest.}
 It was always very important to my mom that we did not hold grudges and that we had a positive relationships with one another by being full of grace and working through things.  She had 5 brothers and no sisters so I think she was a little envious that we had so many sisters :)  I think she'd be happy to see that we choose to hang out together.  Sometimes.

Our next time away will probably be my 40th (oh my) in 4.5 years.   

Hope you had a great weekend.  It's incredibly beautiful out there.

 I need a nap.  

Love, Louise


  1. Super awesome! I love sibling relationships.

  2. What a great post, and trip away. I can't wait to hear of your dad's trip, although I don't want my dad to find out. I haven't yet figured out who is worse, but I sense trouble if the two of them get together...

  3. Looks like a fun time - but don't wait 4.5 years for the next time!

  4. Looks like a great time together! My Mama is planning a similar trip for us girls next year but we're taking the granddaughters to Disneyland, should be an interesting trip!

  5. Carol-don't worry, I'll get away again but probably with friends :) There will likely be 1-3 babies more in the next 3 years!