Tuesday, April 22, 2014

23 Months

Oh my.  One more month til my baby is TWO.  I love looking back to see where the boys were at this age.  Here's Kai and Koen. They are all very similar with their vocabulary but Nya is definitely the tiniest of the three!  I haven't weighed her but I'm assuming she's just 25 lbs or so.  She frequently says three words together like `Mommy thankyou dinner!' or `Koey did it'.   A difference is that the boys would throw themselves down and say `No' when they were upset where she will have a high pitched scream if the boys are bugging her.

She still loves singing Happy Birthday and Jesus Loves Me (she loves the `This I Know!' part).  She also tends to sing a song that I made up that goes `I love Nya, I love Nya, Yes I do! Yes I do!' to the tune of `Are you sleeping?'.   I love listening to her singing each night through the monitor.

She has started being interested in Dora which I'm happy about.  Not that I like Dora but if she isn't napping, I would like for her to sit and watch Dora for 10 minutes.  My days of being able to edit photos during the day for an hour or two are pretty much over. She mostly loves to play `Tea Party' and run around outside.

 She is a good eater in that she eats most things but definitely not as much as the boys did.  She is only napping every other day now.  I don't bother fighting it and I just don't put her down if she's had a nap the day before.  She is also getting up by 6 am most days.  She was going to bed with a bottle each night (I know, naughty me) and has somehow been able to phase it out on her own this past week. Phew!

She is very loud and vocal in our home but tends to be a bit more quiet and snuggly when we are out with others.  If I can predict her personality in a few years from now, I see her to be an amazing blend of Kai and Koen with an extra dose of goofiness.  She is a very happy girl.  She just spent the last half hour giggling away saying `Hi Wawouise' (Louise).

She loves Koen and calls him `Doey' (because we call him Koey).  When we leave him at preschool she cries for him for a loooong time.  `Doey preschool, Doey preschool...'.

I love this age.  I am happy to be through the newborn stage and the whole not sleeping phase.  Usually I get baby fever when the youngest is one and I'm so not there.

Hope you have a lovely week.  I'm looking forward to hopefully doing Nya's 2 year pictures this weekend before the craziness of May begins.  Does anyone know where I can find  a cherry blossom tree in bloom that has branches lower to the ground? With gas being 149.9, I am not driving around looking for it :)

Love, Louise

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  1. time is flying, hey? :) she's super cute - love that she let you put a clip in her hair!