Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for...

1.  Options.  I just feel thankful that as I try to figure out my work plans for 2015 (yes, things will be changing), that I can actually consider various options.  In so many places, and for so many, there is no choice.

2. Boerenkoel and Rookwurst.  We rarely make it but it has such good memories for me from growing up.  The kids love it too.  Dutch food isn't very exciting but at least they loved kale before it was ` cool' to love it :)
{Recipe below in case you feel you want to make some Dutch food :)  This is from my `Extending The Table'  recipe book.  Oh, this has to be something else I'm thankful for!!  So many great recipes from all around the world in one  place. It was a wedding gift from my aunt and uncle and it was so perfect for us.}

3.  `Mom 06' written in our garage.  When our house was being built, my parents lived across the street and one day, when the cement pad for our garage was setting, my mom etched `Mom 06' in it.  I didn't notice it until about 2 years after she died!  Now, whenever we go out for a walk, I am reminded of her and it makes me smile because this was a slightly rebellious act and she was not very rebellious :)

4.  Koen starting to read.  He doesn't love it.  He actually doesn't even like it.  But, he's doing it.  Here Kai was helping him read a book as it was a road block on their Amazing Race (for the two stuffies Koen has in his hand).

5.  Nya's new bedding.  It's cute and affordable.  She's a fan.  I think she will love when we convert her room to a big girl room!

6.  My dad's unique personality. Variety is the spice of life.  We never really know what he's going to do next but a very large plane trip is in the near future.

7.  Koen sleeping.  This kid can sleep in.  I wish the other two could.  He plays hard and sleeps solidly.  This is pretty much the only time that he is quiet.

8.  Reverse psychology.  Usually it works.  It didn't in this  case but it did result in an song entitled `Mommy's hat is awesome!' (to the tune of `Everything is Awesome') in hopes she would want to wear it.  It was funny when Kai learned the term because he tries it on me all the time.  `I know you would never buy us ____________.' 
{I so want to delete this picture for my 400 chins...this is why you hold the phone slightly higher than your face, people. :) }

9.  A husband who is very content with his job.  So thankful for that one.  13 years of full time teaching, with no break, is no easy feat.

10. An awesome trip last summer.  It still has such great memories for us (the fish in the center has the Philippines flag).  Although this summer will be very low key with camping in Oregon and an overnight hiking trip, we look forward to more adventures to come.

Happy Thursday.

Love, Louise


  1. 2. YUM
    3. So sweet – what a great way to ‘see’ her throughout your week
    5. Nya looks so small in that big bed!

  2. Love the bedding!! where did you find it?

  3. Andrea-Sears on a Sears Day (on clearance plus an additional 30% off) :)

  4. #3 - how special!
    #9 - this is so much to be thankful for!

  5. I LOVE BOERKOL!!! My Opa used to make it. SO good. I'll have to try this recipe!!

  6. 2. Haven't had that in a LOOOONG time - makes me want some! :)
    3. so sweet :)
    5. super cute!!