Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Loss & Remembering

I was talking to a friend today and the topic came up on the loss of a loved one.  One thing that I was reminded of was how much I appreciate hearing other people's stories about my mom.  I'm having a harder and harder time imagining what she would say in certain situations, although her gift was definitely listening and empathisizing.  I'm starting to really forget her voice and laugh.  I have memories of her from pictures and my mind but there are only so many. Also, I only know her as a child, teenager, and young adult.  I don't know her as a fellow adult/mom so I wonder what conversations we would've had and the things that would come up.  I would just encourage you, that if you have a friend who has a lost of a loved one, and you remember something about that person, no matter how small, that you share it.

I wish she had seen the woman I had grown into because I was still changing so much.  I would love to have her listening ear so that I could tell her about all the ridiculous and awesome things our kids do.  She wasn't an advice giver (unless asked) and I really appreciate that.  It was such a wonderful gift in my life, growing up, to have someone who listened and empathised.  It's what I truly needed (and still do!).  I hope my kids know that I am here for them with a listening ear and an open heart.

{Off to go snowshoeing!}
{Story time}
{We `finally' went to Disneyland when Trish was 5 :)}
{`There's a whale!'}
{I remember was fishing off of this rock and he made all us all paranoid to stay far away so we wouldn't get a hook in our eye}

 I feel very connected to my mom when I make `her' meals.  You know, the dinners, desserts and cookies that she always had on hand.  My hope is to make my kids a recipe book with our favourites, but so far I'm not doing so well with that :)  

Is there something that makes you feel connected to your childhood?

Hope you are having a good day!

Love, Louise


  1. I love that you wrote this. I can still hear my dad's voice and his laugh, and it makes me sad all the time to think about the sensory memories that are starting to slip - I know that will go too, eventually. I hang on to how much he made me laugh, and how happy he was. For me these days, it's that feeling I miss - I often wish he was around to make the mundane moments a little more fun. He was so good at making life happy. It is interesting though - what the loss of a parent does to embracing what you have isn't it? Louise - do you find yourself cherishing those moments your dad has with you and the kids sooo much? thinking of you lots and loved the photos... thanks for sharing

  2. You could also ask if anyone has letters saved that she would have written to them - your grandmother, aunts, cousins etc. I just read some old letters that my mother had written to my grandmother in the 1960's & 70's and it brought back a lot of memories and it was wonderful to see her handwriting and touch pages that she had touched.

  3. Thank you for the reminder.

    Those ads make me giggle every time. Today it's advertising the trampoline I'm looking at from walmart!