Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Sun. Smiles. Siblings.

Yesterday was gorgeous. I looooove being outside, and when you can wear short sleeves, it's a whole lot better!  I finally took out our real camera and got some pictures of the kiddos.  My goal is to do this more often and it sure is easy when you're not worried about the camera getting soaked :)
I asked Koen and Nya for a nice smile and this is what I got.  Such goofballs.  Both of them.
After two years of racing cars each and every day, Koen is starting to move away from it.  He doesn't like that he can control the final placement of the cars.  However, when they can race them down the slide, it's a little more fun because he doesn't have the control over who wins.
This past week, we shifted from going to the `baby park' to the `big kid' park!  Nya's a big girl now, I guess!  Here she's going down the twisty slide by herself. 
The boys have a lot of fun together, especially when they are running around outside.  It's when they are stuck inside, on rainy days, that the fighting gets to be a bit much. And by a `bit much' I mean, `THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!'. 
I'm so curious how it will be when they are at the same school next year.  Will they play together? Will they fight?
Looking forward to many, many more sunny days to come.  Family walks.  Playing at the park. Memories.

Love, Louise


  1. I LOVE the picture of Nya and Koen with their "nice" smiles :) I too wonder what it will be like with both boys at school together.

  2. Nya is growing up so fast now!

  3. Terri-I think you need to update your blog!!! The boys must be growing up so fast now :)
    Carol-I know! So awesome and a tad bit scary.
    Ashley-thank you!