Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Too sick and tired to think of 10 things right now.  This crazy virus has hit us all.  Kai Saturday. Koen Monday. Nya Tuesday (all over me and twice in the car seat on the way home..and that was just the start!!). Gary was camping at Manning on Tuesday night and he was even vomiting.  I've fortunately not vomited but have had other lovely digestive issues. So ya, things have been a bit rough.  The thing is, it's not 24 hours, it's way longer so the boys have been home all week too.

Here are a few things I am thankful for:
1.  Our washer and dryer.  Did you know it doesn't beep when it's done? It plays a tune. Ha.

2.  Gary and I both working harder on our marriage.  We are doing much better now.  Having more patience for each other.  Giving more to each other.  Laughing more together.

3.  Beautiful weather for the past two weeks.

4.  Koen being such a good teacher to Nya. It's adorable.  He's so encouraging.  Here they were playing `Sink or Float'.  And yes, Nya wears boots indoors all the time.

5.  Good deal on Gary's clothes.  Yes, I buy my husband's clothes.  I bought him; winter jacket, two pairs of pants for work, a t-shirt, and a sweater.  I also got Nya skinny cords, me two tank tops, and Koen a pair of Angry Birds PJ's.  Total cost? $53.00 (that includes tax). The jacket alone was regularly $90.00.  It was all on clearance plus I had a $30 off $75.00.

I hope your week has been healthier.
Love, Louise


  1. That is a lot of clothes for $50 some dollars! I wish you had been with me this morning when I was buying clothes for myself. I spent a lot more than $50!
    Hope there is improvement in the health of your family today.

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I love that even when you're feeling crummy, you came up with 5 fabulous things! (I especially like #2 & #5).
    Hoping you all feel better over the weekend and that "normal" returns. PS -can you teach me your shopping ways? was this on-line sales or in store? All Old Navy? so impressed! Tia

  3. are those clothes all old navy??? i love getting their stuff on sale :)
    i also really like #2 and #5 :)

  4. Kelly and Tia- Yes, all Old Navy. In store. I bought clearance items and had one of those coupons for $30 off of $75.00. I had bought the boys winter coats for next year a month back (for less than $15 each!) and a few other items so I got a coupon.

    They have a sale on now until tomorrow for another 30% off kids clearance items. That's a total of 80% off the original price.

    I like it for the kids and Gary but have a hard time finding stuff for me there.