Friday, January 31, 2014

Gary Goes Flying

My dad got his pilot's license about a year ago.  He flies almost any sunny day.  He bought his own (super tiny) plane and has offered us each one ride.  I have not yet taken him up on his offer.  I have a great fear of heights (even bridges scare me!) and I have this desire to not put myself in any danger due to the fact that I am without a mother and will do whatever I can to avoid my kids going through that loss.

Gary does not have a lot of fears, except for snakes, so he was ready and willing to go up.  Up until this point, it's just never really worked out time wise for him to go.  So, my dad flew from the Chilliwack airport to the Langley airport to pick Gary up.  They flew out to Harrison and then back again.  Here are some photos from their trip...

Captain Jack at the controls.

They took a quick loop over our house (which made me sick as I didn't want to SEE Gary up there).  This whole area used to be farms, one of them which use to be our Christmas tree farm! 
Harrison is below.
Golden Ears
Mt. Cheam

I never see Gary looking so happy and relaxed!  I think he was flying here.
And they flew by our church on the way home so he got a shot of that too; Southridge Fellowship.
Thanks dad! Gary had a good time.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Today we disinfected our whole house and tomorrow we will escape it and enjoy some sunshine :)

Love, Louise


  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. gorgeous pictures!! Wowee. I remember dan westerop took me and my roomie flying once - SO fun (and a bit scary when he took us for a big dippity doo da after a huge burger :) haha!