Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday

All right, folks. It's been a rough week around here.  Koen got the flu, our dryer broke (and we need to replace it), we discovered a leak in our ceiling, Nya didn't nap, Kai has an ear infection and Nya has a cold.  So, life has been even more tiring.  I'm not going to have many photos today, so here we go:

Thankful for:
1. Antibiotics for my Kai Bear.  He has an ear infection and I liked to get on top of those right away.  I ran to three different clinics and they weren't accepting any more patients so I went back to the first and asked to make an appointment for the morning and the doctor agreed to see us.  She was so good with Kai and talked just to him because she said she could see that he was a smart boy :)

2. My kids not being picky eaters.  They love sushi night and seriously, other than Gary having a vacuum in his hand, what is hotter than a guy that cooks WITH the kids?!
3. Koen being better again.  He's back to bugging Nya non stop so that's the sign that all is well.
4. Gary's team making the Fraser Valley's in basketball.  Happy that all his time and hard work is paying off!

5. Friends that make me feel normal for breastfeeding a 1.5 year old.  It is a bit embarrassing to me but if I share that I do it, it will make others feel more normal too, right?

6.  Booking three more weddings over the last 2 weeks.  So thankful.

7. Nya's determination.  She is strong willed and I think a lot of it comes from two brothers constantly in her face.  I think this will be so good for her as she gets older.  I think I will also learn a lot of patience from her trying to dress herself each day.  

8.  Bidding Wars.  Ha.  I've been using this facebook group to declutter our home and make some money in the process.  Win. Win.  

9.  Kids cooperating for photos.  I wanted to get some Valentines Photos (love the Heart blanket!!) and so we did this last weekend right before they got sick.  They were super cold and now I know they weren't feeling 100% but they still cooperated.  Although it's sometimes a bit of work to get photos, I always appreciate having them.  Nya was 0% impressed with them.

10.  Finding a deal on a washer/dryer.  I was planning on taking my time but I found this set on future shop online and there were just two more left in BC with $1100.00 off the price.  Yes, I'm a sucker for those stats. It was rated quite well by consumer reports so I purchased it and it will be delivered to our home next week.  The model we got is way fancier than what I need but hopefully it makes laundry more fun?   

As a side note, is there anyone interested in the book `Taking Charge of Your Fertility'?  So interesting but I don't need it anymore.  So great for determining when you are ovulating to prevent or achieve pregnancy.  We used it for both but don't need it anymore.  Let me know!

Have a great week rest of the week.

Love, Louise


  1. Don't ever feel embarrassed about breastfeeding for a long time. If you are both still enjoying it, you can't beat the benefits nutrition wise and comfort wise. It is hard to give up nursing on your last baby!

  2. Wow, rough week for you guys!! Hope next week is better. I've never heard of Bidding Wars! Sounds interesting.

  3. Katrina, let me know if you want me to invite you to the bidding wars site (on fb).

  4. Louise am sorry to hear you have all had a rough week, glad to hear this are turning around. I'd be interested in reading the book if no one else has gone for it?

    1. Tamara-sent you a pm on Facebook. It's yours!

  5. bummer on the illness...glad there's improvement :)

  6. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Can you invite me to bidding wars? :)

  7. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Our washer broke 3 days before Christmas....we got the same set. Absolutely LOVE them! I had such a blast doing laundry when they 1st came, I washed pretty near everything Lol. I'm over it now, but still loving my machines!

    1. Joie, yay! You make me feel better about spending so much money. I'm thinking laundry will at least be a bit more fun now!

  8. Don't you dare be embarrassed for still nursing! You are doing wonderfully :)