Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1.  Our new keyboard.  It was a great find on the Bidding Wars group on facebook.  We had planned on spending a lot more on a keyboard but picked up this Casio one (with stand and beginner book) for $7!  I am giving Kai lessons once a week.  I'm not a piano teacher but I did play for 7 years and I'm a teacher :)  So far, so good.

2.  So many parks to explore.  Our kids love to just run, run, run.  I brought Koen and Nya there on the way to daycare last week and they had a great time.

3.  Quality time with the boys.  I took Kai and Koen to the Canucks Skills Competition with my brother in law Kris and his two girls.  Gary was supposed to but he had a tournament.  I just saw it as quality time with the boys but I would probably not do it again as their highlight was the mascot musical chairs.  Really?!  Not sure it's worth it for that.  The kids did make it on the jumbotron which was fun!
Kai: `Mom!  Take lots of pictures of the musical chairs!'.

4. A potty in the van.  With the boys, there was no need as we could just pull over and they could just go anywhere.  We've used this several times with Nya and it's worked wonderfully.  She prefers to use it in the trunk of the van rather than outside :)

5.  Handy husband.  Our faucet broke this weekend and after trying what my brother in law ( a plumber) suggested, we couldn't get the blockage out of the hot water line so we needed to replace our whole faucet.   We are actually going to change it one more time as I decided brushed nickel would be a lot more practical than the chrome one we installed.  Home Depot said they would accept the return so I just need to get the new one asap.

6.  Menchies groupons and gift cards.  Don't think I would ever pay full price!

7.  Wrestle time before bed.  It's cute and it means they are almost in bed.

8. Benadryl.  Miss Nya has developed hives for some unknown reason.  She has been on benadryl for 4 days now.  She had a major flare up at Menchies so I ran across the street  to the grocery store to get some Benadryl.  Lesson learned; always have Benadryl in your vehicle.

9. Koen's creativity.  He is very creative.  I'm not sure how he was playing this game but it was a mix of Car racing and Pokemon.

10.  Nya saying `Wuv you!'. It is sooooooo cute!!!!  This was a conversation in the van today:
Nya: Doe-ee.  Wuv you! (Doe-ee is her name for Koen and I may insist that we keep it.)
Koen: Nya, you are so adorable!

11.  Bonus one: The boys playing basketball on a sunny January day without fighting.  AWESOME.

I hope that you are having a good week!  
Love, Louise


  1. Love that last picture of Nya! What a cutie.

  2. SEVEN bucks for a keyboard? WOW!
    love the potty in the van ;)
    the rash...what kind of menchie's did she have? I wonder if she's reacting to something that was in it?

  3. Kelly-went through the whole list of ingredients online when we got home and still can't figure it out :(

  4. Where do you find these coupons for Menchies? I am usually the one who does all of the ice cream and toppings and so far for the 3 of us (Jacob just shares with Spencer) it's around $8 for us. We don't get to go very often as the closest one is Red Deer but it is fun!
    As for keeping the medicine in the car, I would but I'm sure it would freeze over night like my extra pack of wipes do in the van which isn't very helpful when I need to use them! I usually keep the 'drugs' in my bag but just tylenol so that's a good idea to add Benadryl too!

    1. Kelsey-we get groupons so you get $10 worth for $5!

  5. My boys love the mascot musical chairs too! I had to keep finding it on YouTube for Adam after we went the last time.