Friday, January 03, 2014

Koen's Birthday Parties

Having a birthday around Christmas is sometimes hard.  Everyone is so busy and partied and present-ed out.  Last year we had a mini party with his cousins and then went to Harrison Hot Springs as a family.  This year, we're trying to save a bit more as we will need to replace our car so we had two small family parties.
Koen is blessed with many, many cousins.  His first party was on his birthday and celebrated at Gary's parents house.  The kids (not Nya) had slept over as they do at least once per year.  We arrived at noon to pick them up and I made what Koen wanted for his birthday cake; an Angry Bird one.  Thankfully he thought it did look like one. Phew.
He was gifted an airport for his Planes which he now seems to love as much as his Cars.
Then, we picked up Ani and Izzy (other cousins) and brought them to our house for a playdate.  There Koen opened up the present he had been asking for for about 3 months; Beyblades and an arena.  As a sidenote, we got a great deal on it as it was totally on sale and then we used a cereal box coupon:)  The girls happily played Beyblades with the boys.  In case you are wondering, they are sort of like spinning tops with heads on them and whoever's spins  the longest wins. I think.
Today, we had a party with my side of the family.  We went to Walnut Grove pool as he is finally tall enough to ride the waterslide there.  He did it and loved it!! It was a little chaotic with so many kids to keep an eye on but they had a great time.  I even tried the waterslide, and seriously, when did I turn into such a wimp? It's pitch black for a portion which kinda freaked me out!
Then we all came back here for dinner and dessert.  Koen got to pick what he wanted to eat so it was; mangoes, Mr. Noodles, sandwiches with bacon.
Happy birthday Koen Jacob Daniel Chapman!!
I think he likes being 5.  He was slightly disappointed that he isn't going to kindergarten on Monday.   September is a long ways away!
I think planning parties can be tiring so I'm glad these ones were so low key. All kids really want is to be with friends/family and eat food:)  Done.  Koen loved his birthdays and I'm glad he had his `time to shine' as Kai often gets to do big kid stuff and Nya gets to be the cute little toddler.  I can see that it can be hard to be the middle child at this age.  He was very thankful and had a great time.

Love, Louise


  1. Looks like fun! Happy Birthday, Koen!

  2. Looks like lots of fun was had!
    I'm thankful my kids are born in August so that Christmas is still a ways away from birthdays. It would be hard to separate them and to figure out gifts with Christmas just before a birthday! Looks like it was a great time though for all of your family! Happy Birthday Koen!

  3. So funny... Adam just told me that he would be going to Kindergarten in April... his birthday (I guess I have been telling him he will go to school when he's 5).

  4. Terri-Adam and Koen are soooo similar!!

  5. Noah has the SAME Planes toy. He loves it, but has a hard time figuring out how to do it.