Thursday, January 02, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Birthday Edition

Today is Koen's 5th birthday so, I'm thankful for Koen's:
*these pictures won't really match what I'm saying, they are mostly from the past few days...*

1. Eager personality.  He is generally very excited about anything and everything.  It doesn't take much to have a fun family outing with this guy.  However, he does get quite focused so we need to point out signs, and trees and other things he might run into :)

2.  Healthy appetite.  He eats everything and anything.  Except avocado.  He is is our garburator.  He will often eat something in one large bite.  His favourite food is mangoes.
{I LOVE Oliebollen!!!!  We will continue to make them every year, without raisins, as it reminds me of my childhood}

3.  Outgoing personality.  For example today, without any suggestion from us, Koen ran up to 5 strangers on the street to say `Happy New Year!' to them when we walked to Extra Foods.  He may have chased one lady down as she didn't know he was talking to her.

4.  Quirkiness:  You never know what you are going to have to say around this guy.  For example, while we were driving in the van last week I had to say `Koen, stop sucking your sister's toes!'.  Yes.  Nya loves to suck her own toes and Koen was trying to make her giggle. It worked.

5.  Talkative Nature.  Koen talks a lot.  Non stop.  I'm thankful though because I always know what he is thinking.  I am also thankful that he has started asking more questions.  At least then it's more of a two way street rather than listening to him talk about Cars or something. I also love seeing his desire to learn.

6.  Cuddles.  He loves his cuddles with me and his down time with his stuffies and Bubi.  He is sensitive so harsh words can make him cry.

7.  Social skills.  He's pretty good at playing well with anyone and everyone.
{We had friends visiting from Winnipeg this past week, so great!}

8.  Prayerfulness.  We went to Ikea for dinner after visiting the Burnaby Village Museum and Koen had to pray (a very long prayer) before we ate which had a few neighbouring tables smiling.  He has such a heart  for those around him.  Also, if I say something about someone who has health concerns, his first comment is `Let's pray for them now!'.

9. Confidence.  He loves singing in front of groups and has serenaded several people who have come to our door with `We Wish You A Merry Christmas'.  He loves talking to anyone and everyone.

10.  Creativeness.  He is so good at playing on his own.  He has always been this way.  He makes up so many worlds/stories/games with his Cars and Stuffies and I think it just recharges him to be on his own in his own creative world.

We are so thankful for our Kokies.  He brings ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM and LAUGHTER to our family.  Such a great dimension.  I hope his enthusiasm remains strong this year as he will begin kindergarten (part time).  I'm not sure what he will think of school.  He does not love writing at all but he definitely has an interest in math like his big brother.  He is starting to read but does not really have a desire to learn so I'm not pushing it.  Koen, we love you so very much.  Always and forever.

Love, Mommy


  1. Sounds like Koen is such a great little character!

  2. He sounds like such an amazing kid! Happy birthday to him!

    Love the photos from the carousel and around Deer Lake.

  3. So sweet! Happy belated birthday to Koen :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE the photo of him in his concert!