Saturday, June 15, 2013

Strawberries and Celebrating Gary

First off, my very patient husband agreed to quickly photographing the kids again to get one with Koen's `normal' face.  Koen may have earned 7 chocolate chips for his relatively good behaviour.  I was then able to order a Wood Snap of them at 50% off with 2 hours to spare:) 
Lest you think our kids actually behave, below is what most of the pictures looked like.  Nya escaping with her tongue hanging out and the boys wrestling behind her.
And because she's one of the cutest little people in my life..
{Although Father's Day is tomorrow, we are celebrating it with Gary's extended family, and to me that means it's less about Gary and we don't really have time to just celebrate him with church in the morning.  I don't mean to make it sound negative, it's tricky with three dads (Gary, Dan and my dad) you run around like crazy celebrating all three?  Who misses out?  This year, my dad misses out.  Sorry dad, you are great!   

So, although Gary doesn't really care about having the day to celebrate him, we did a family activity.  Gary will still have to wait for tomorrow for his gifts:)    We went to Krause Farms here in Langley for lunch. I should note that our van was in the shop (yes again) so we had a very cozy ride in our car.  Good to know that it does fit a car seat and 2 boosters!}
{Here is Koen on the brink of a meltdown as he REALLY. NEEDED. HIS. WAFFLES. Oh, I should make note of the hats.  Our family is pretty much transparent.  We are as white as it gets.  I don't love putting sunscreen all over their faces and would prefer this dorky hat.  $2 for the boys hats and they are reversible. And dorky.}
{Nya just being cute}
{Kai is the only one in our family who does not like whipped cream. Crazy kid.}
{We engulfed our waffles.  Nya shared with Koen.  If you are interested, it is open from 8am-6pm I believe? and the waffles with strawberries and whipped cream are $6.95}
{We walked through the garden area.  You can actually purchase a vase  and pick flowers if you like....}
{The petting zoo area is now more animal friendly and you can't go in there and pet them.  You can look at them though. }
{Then the boys picked some strawberries.  It was going to be a bit of a disaster with Nya in there so I took her into the store.}

{I may have enjoyed my first ever wine tasting!  $4 to try 5 kinds and then if you buy a bottle of wine, you don't pay for the tasting.  I bought a bottle of apple wine.  The other ones were waaaaaaaaaaaay too sweet.  I think one day, Gary and I will do a wine tasting tour on bikes or whatever, that sounds fun.}
{It was during this photo above that Gary misplaced his mastercard.  We did not realize this until we got home and called Krause and they couldn't find it.  So, we cancelled it.  Then Krause called us back three hours later and they had found it!  Too bad we had cancelled it already,  I really appreciate them calling us.}
{Apparently Nya loves the sand.  She walks about 90% of the time now but when she was in the sand, she kept just flopping on to her belly and swimming in it.  It was so funny!}
{Someone is ready for the beach!}

I did also have two photo sessions today which I should work on right now.  Busy day! 

 I did just want to say though, that we really enjoyed our time at Krause Farms.  We've been every year but they've really improved it, and well, maybe it was just the sun and the strawberries (or wine!), but it was a great day.

I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day tomorrow.  You should see the card I made Gary, well you will, I'll blog it.  And Kai picked out a pretty nifty present for him :)

Love, Louise


  1. Looks like everyone had a great day!

  2. i would totally do a wine tour! should the sisters do that next fall??
    looks like fun times at krause farms:)

  3. Trish-totally what I was thinking!!! Wine Tour. Jackie could be our DD or designated bike driver?

  4. cute kiddos and yummy strawberries...awesome!
    losing the credit card? sucky!!!