Saturday, June 01, 2013

This Past Week Which Includes a Ring

1.  On Friday, May 17th, Koen asked Jesus into his heart. So sweet. Our little Koen.  In the picture below, he asked for meat for lunch because his T-rex is a carnivore.  Koen is currently interested in Pokemon (oh my goodness, I do not like Pokemon.  It makes Star Wars look way more awesomer),  and dinosaurs.  His great, GREAT love for Cars is waning.  Koen is the one who tells me that he loves me and wants a snuggle daily.  This kid needs physical touch.  Love my Kokies.
2.  My auntie Nellie passed away on our anniversary.  She was diagnosed with cancer in the fall :( Here is a picture of her from about 35 years ago.  She was always smiling and laughing and had such a soft heart, especially for animals :)  I'm very sad for my uncle and her two kids as I know how much this time really, really sucks.  My sisters and I will be going together to her funeral on the island.
3.  The picture below won't rotate but here is a middle of the night feed/cuddle with Nya.  My favourite cuddle.  She is delicious.
4. Friday was not my favourite day.  I got a phone call that Kai had vomited in a van on the way to his field trip.  He was in Richmond, what did they want me to do?  What?!  Give him a bucket? I don't know, I'm not there.  I assumed it was car sickness (it was) and didn't know the extent of it.  I was worried about him for the next 3 hours.  I couldn't pick him up though because I was on my way to do photos and then while there, I got a flat tire.  Like, all the air gushed out.  I had to call Gary who was subbing a class and he saved the day.  It was very overwhelming with all this going on at once (Kai, photos, van).  Then we had to get the van to Costco to get a new tire (and we just got 4 new tires, who doesn't love spending $500 all of a sudden?).   
{She makes me want to have 7 more babies. }

5. I have been working 40 hours a week all month.  This is without child care.  I am going nuts.  Working in every spare minute in the day and then weekends and evenings until 11 pm.  It's my own fault.    June is much friendlier.  I am hoping to finish all my work in 3 weeks so that I can have one week to pack and prep for our trip!  It is nice having the option to work as much as I want though, so I will not complain.  Soon I will have ONE MONTH OFF!!!! I think I just felt pressure to make up for missing sessions for all of July.  Also, the trip is kinda pricey, you know...about $10,000, so there is this desire to get our savings back up again!
6.  Gary and  I went to the Washington Avenue Grill for our anniversary.  We liked it!  We are going to go out for dinner now once a month.  Hopefully we can swap babysitting with Maria and Kris to save money too!  I gave it an 8/10, Gary a 7.5/10.  We had braised short rib poutine (sounds fun eh? Not as good as the tempura bacon at the Onyx), and then I had lobster ravioli and Gary had the seafood hot pot.  Totally affordable with the coupon book. Oh ya, I had a martini too. Had to, it was half price.  Gary can pretty much make anything as good as many restaurants (in my opinion) so we are very reluctant to say that some food was `amazing'.   I would say that two places we have eaten that have been amazing are Vij's and the Pearl.  The service at the WAG was very good.
{The poutine...didn't love the horseradish aoli as I don't love horseradish.  Should've asked for a different kind because I love aoli.}

After dinner, Gary pulled out a ring box!  Totally unexpected.  Gary does not surprise me.  Ever.  I sort of wanted him to fake a proposal right there in front of everyone.  Inside the box was a pretty blingy ring!  When we got married, I wanted a very simple ring because I'm not very girly. I also anticipated that I would be hiking every weekend or something like that. Ya, what was I thinking?!  So, my engagement ring is very me and I love it but it's fun to have something kinda womanly or blingy or princessy. There's like 40 small diamonds and one big jewel (not sure what it is) in the middle.  Good job, Gary!
{Don't mind my sausage fingers.  Inherited my dad's fat fingers.}

7.  I had sessions 3 sessions this week AND a wedding today so I'm exhausted. Gary won't be home until about 11 pm (he does receptions on his own).  I'm just uploading pictures hence time to update this.

All right, uploading done.  Must go.  Have a wonderful weekend.  

Love, Louise


  1. Kudos to Gary on the surprise ring!

  2. I am sorry about your aunt, Louise. Hope you and your family are doing okay:)

  3. awww! middle of the night cuddle, precious. cute conversation between koen and gary... and that poutine looks pretty stinkin good - i could eat that all myself!

  4. wow beautiful little/big suprise ring!!!So prets.

    I feel bad for making you squeeze us in last week. Dont stress over our pictures PLEASE! save them for a month from now if you need!!!

  5. Kim!!!! Don't feel bad, I love it!! I just need to figure out how to fit child care in there somehow to make work more efficient :)

  6. bring your sweety pie to meeee!!! Ill watch her for you :)

  7. So sorry to hear about your aunt. It is hard losing family and I can imagine another cancer loss is even more difficult.
    glad you enjoyed your anniversary dinner. Alf and I went there years ago and I had the seafood hot pot and loved it :)
    beautiful ring! Well done, Gary :)

  8. Was there any new menu items at the WAG?
    They haven't updated their menu for a long time.