Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Sunday was awesome.  Usually it's our only day as a family and this week we skipped church so Nya would get a good morning nap and then we went to Crescent Beach.  Something so simple and no cost (except for gas which is about 139.9 now..so nuts) brought us all great joy.
Nya loves the beach and the water.  Apparently she also likes the taste of sand.  She even swallowed a shell the size of a nickel so I really hope it doesn't hurt her little intestines.  And yes, she is covered from head to toe.  Us Chapmans are a pale bunch :)
Teaching the boys how  to pick up a crab and how to tell the difference between a male and female (the males have a `V' shape on the underside, females are more of a wide `U'.)
Being at the beach made us all very excited for our trip!  We leave in one month! Yay, it's finally here.  I can start thinking about what to pack and all that jazz.

I love some good shoes.  Not `good' as in pretty but good as in functional and supportive.  I have very bad feet.  I found these Keen sandals at 50% off and I'm a fan.  
And, as mentioned in my last post..I have been working a lot.  I don't like complaining about it here because half of my friends/clients read this blog!  The picture above shows Nya with me at one of my sessions last week :)  I don't ever take her with me but it worked out as she just explored.    I LOVE what I do but need to figure out how to do it well while taking care of the kids.  On Monday I hired someone to take care of my kids for 4 hours. I brought the kids away and I was able to work for 4 hours straight and accomplished a lot. The kids also had a fantastic time as she has two kids of similar ages.  Times like that I really wish I had my mom to come for a couple of hours a week so that I could work or run or get my hair cut or just something you know?  Oh well.  I would do daycare more often but then it's not really worth it to be a work at home mom as it's almost what I make per hour :)  Once the kids are in school? Wow...I will have soooooooooooo much time!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Nya gets her Hep A shot today. It's not a fun one but I'd rather that than the alternative...

Love, Louise

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  1. The boys and I also always figure out if it is a boy crab or a girl crab when we are at the beach :) Love it!