Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cuteness. Stress. Hockey. Life.

Okay, there are 11 days until we are on holidays.  This is crazy.  We are going to Whistler first.  I know, crazy timing to go right from Whistler to the Philippines but we are going with my extended family and will come back for a night in between.  I never usually say when we are going somewhere but we will have several people house sitting so I feel better about it...I hope to blog about once/week on our trip.

There is a lot going on now.  I am wrapping up all photography sessions from June.  One more wedding package to mail off and then one more family session this Saturday.   I have two sick kids (Kai has a double ear infection) so both Kai and Koen have stayed home the last 2 days. I still had them doing school work each day :)

In case I forget, my thyroid levels are fantastic and taking vitamin B complex daily has really helped my emotional stability.  So far.  We'll see how it does in the next few weeks :)

I think I'm a bit stressed about our trip.  I feel a bit anxious about the plane ride there.  We leave at 2 am with 3 kids.  Oh man, I hope Nya is okay.  Otherwise, we will have some very unhappy people around us.  Thank goodness I'm still breastfeeding, that is the only way I could soothe her.  Well, that and arrowroot cookies. 

I'm also a bit stressed about photography.  I know I'm decent at it but the past few months I've been very critical of myself when I'm editing the photos.  Should've increased the aperture, should've lowered the ISO, should've used a different lens, should've done this pose, should've done this family combo etc.  I don't care about our own personal photos that way but for clients is does tend to stress me out.  It's funny because I'm pretty confident in all other areas of my life.  Maybe it's because I'm self taught?  Maybe because there's just so much more to always learn?  Maybe because I compare myself to others work? Maybe because you are working with so many other people all the time who are judging your work?  Maybe because I expect more of myself?  I'm a confident mom and teacher and wife and even though my body is not what it used to be (`Kai: Mommy are you SURE there isn't a baby in your belly?'), I'm not insecure in those ways.  Just needed to say that part as I've been struggling with it more recently and trying to figure out what to do. I guess I just need to keep in mind that people hire me for ME and what I do so they know what they are getting and I'm not going to magically make something happen that isn't `me' right? Right?!!

All right, here are a random bunch of photos from the past week:)

Nya recently modeled the Blossom Hat for Simple Things.  Kim is a local designer and I love what she does.  I also really love this hat because it allows her to see very well and yet covers her ears nicely.  And seriously, the reversible option and gorgeous fabric?  Awesome.  So fun to take pictures of my little girl. 
{She also makes the pdf pattern for the booties that Nya is wearing.  Nya has worn these booties for 6 months and I love them for the early walker because they aren't clunky on her feet.}

For Father's Day, our usual unspoken limit is $50.00.  Well, this year I went a little wild.  Usually Gary purchases all of our electronic equipment but I knew this was something that he might like even though he had NEVER mentioned it.  I asked several of his friends and my dad (who has one) and they helped me decide what to get.  I did get an LCD screen and extra battery for it.  I hope that he can use it on his school hikes as he is no longer `allowed' to bring our DSLR's (my rule) and then also as an underwater camera while we are in the Philippines.

Cheesy `card' for Gary below.  By the way, I like this frame!  It's a cheaper option than the Organic Bloom ones I buy.  I got it at Michael's and could use a 50% off coupon so it was $20.00.  I think that I am most impressed with graphic designers as I am the furthest thing from it.  So excuse it's lack of awesome design and just appreciate the cheesiness of it.
Kai's Father's Day gift for Gary.  We may have found it at a garage sale for $1.
Koen has been wearing his Mario costume everywhere (even to bed!) and people think he is the cutest.  I didn't let him wear it to church.  Talking about church, we won the Father's Day draw they had!  Movie date night and La Senza gift card.  Yes.  La Senza. Church.  :)
And the pictures below make my heart smile.  I hope that all of our kids cook and bake and play sports and race cars.  Boy or girl, both doing the same things.  Love it.  
Kai Bear spending some time one on one passing with Nya. C.U.T.E.

Nya is not intimidated or scared of the boys, she gets right in there.  

Love the shot (ha ha, totally a pun) below even though she missed it :)
Okay, and since a lot of people read this daily and only about 1% comment, I would encourage you to leave a comment!!!
Come on, isn't Nya playing hockey cute?
Aren't you excited for our trip?
Do you also struggle with certain insecurities?
Do YOU have a GoPro camera?
Did you check out Nya on Simple Things?
Would you recommend anything for international travel with three kids?
La Senza gift card...what would you get?
Did you run around in costumes when you were little?

There you go. There must be something you can say :)

Love, Louise


  1. Yes, Nya is very cute playing hockey with her brothers! You are a great photographer - no photographer gets all the possible shots - I think all of your clients have many great photos to choose from.

  2. love those pictures of that super smiley girl.

    la senza gift card...I'd wait til babies are all done and over with. :) But if it had an expiry date...a nice pair of PJs. How lame! :o)

    Im SO excited for your trip. You guys are surely blessed! ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!

    And please - I'd kill to have pictures taken by you guys anyday!

  3. We've hired you for pictures 3 times, so obviously we love your work ;)

    Nya is suuuuper adorable!

    La senza? If buy new underwear :)

  4. Katrina4:59 PM

    Nya looks just like Koen in the Simple Things pictures!!

  5. Nya playing hockey is super cute!! I am very excited for your trip - as for plane trip, maybe gravol? (hee hee). I wish I could take photographs like you - so talented!

  6. I love the La Senza gift card. Buy this Louise:

    and then send a photo of the outfit to the church office in a thank you card saying, "Look what I got!"

  7. Oh, and if I were near you, I would have hired you at least 2 or 3 times by now to take my family's photos. You are amazing. I love your photography style.

  8. I always have the best intentions and mean to comment, but it rarely seems to happen.

    For what it is worth, I think you are a fantastic photographer! I love looking through your photos, especially the ones of your kids. If I lived closer (and could make Erik cooperate) then I would have hired you for a session. There is still time.

    I am so excited for your trip!!! It is going to be awesome! And there were SO many families when we were there. One couple was travelling with three kids under 4 for a year!!! You guys will have an awesome time.

  9. Aletha Tia8:13 AM

    I just love your page and should comment more - I enjoy your honesty and your postives on crummy days (makes it real). I love how you capture moments with your kids (the insanity makes me smile as my bro and I would play hockey in the house) and with those who hire you (I was so tempted to fly you out here). I will echo that I intend to book you soon for a session when I am in town.
    Louise, you make me smile and I love your confidence. You know I check your blogs frequently as they always bring a smile to my face. God bless you on the trip!

  10. Caryn-I love that you took the time to find the perfect outfit :)
    Ashley-three under four for a year makes our look like a walk in the park!

  11. Haha okay that's funny that the church gave away a La Senza gift card! That would so not happen at our church! Not sure what I would buy from La Senza because I'm not a huge fan of their selection but maybe they would surprise me! It could also just be added to my collection of gift cards until I do find something that I want!

    I am very excited to have you do our huge extended family session once you guys return from your grande adventure! I hope you can tell me some of your highlights!

  12. I LOVE that you are opening your home to house sitters :)

  13. Louise...super cute pictures of Nya playing hockey. Love it!
    I hope you have a fantastic time with your family travelling. I took Alexis to Australia when she was 18 months old, and it was tons of fun, exhausting, and memory making all at the same time. I still have so many stories just from the travel that I laugh about....

    If you ever need a break, I can come swing by and pick up Koen for you for a play date. Alexis loved having him over....she's never had someone so willingly play "baby" for so long before! Just let me know!

  14. Lou, your blog is way better than my comments. LOVE LOVE the hockey pics - Nya is rediculous (love it how you 'caught' her body language, trimph!) and your boys and wonderful for playing with her.

    Fathers day present? Best ever. Love how personal it is and cheesy is good.

    Quit stressing about your trip, and just look forward. Think of it like labour - 20-something hours then a super holiday. Worst-to-worst, go with earplugs and an eye mask, "you complain they are yours" sign. Done.

    I hate la senza. I don't know how I manage to be 20 pounds overweight and still < a size A but 10 years ago a scrawny bitch there told me to try a youth department store since they didn't have anything small enough. SO yeah, go with pajamas!

    ps. seriously. nya is gorgeous. and you're an awesome photographer cause you get people. You rock the photos part too, but that's secondary.

  15. GO PRO!!!

    Every time i see you photos whether family photos or for a client i think to myself, OOohh i hope that Louise will be able to photograph my wedding, whenever that may be. You are incredible. I remember going with you on one of your family photoshoots and talking with you at a high school basket ball game. You gave me a few pointers and it has made a world a difference for me. Thank you :)

    GoPRO!! My family recently went to hawaii. Joel has a Gopro and brought it along. It was great to have with because i didn't want to take my camera to close to the water and waves his could get right in there. And it actually take some decent photos! And videos. Cliff jumping, body surfing, snorkeling. Its perfect! You're gonna looove it!

  16. I always read but rarely comment! Your kids are adorable! Happy travels and good luck! :)

  17. Holy MOLY! Look at all your comments when you ask for them!! I love it - and totally knowing the feeling of knowing people read your blog but never commenting...I know it's not necessary it's just a nice feeling when people comment because you know they are somewhat 'interested' or 'invested' in what you had to say.

    My dad has a gopro and we brought it to Hawaii on our last family trip. We have some ridiculous videos of him wearing it on his head and kayaking...and hiking...and doing everything. He wore it on his head a lot!! So embarassing!!!

  18. You are awesome! That is immediately what I thought after reading this, and I am not going to fully articulate what I mean...but awesome in your honesty, your sense of adventure, your love for your kids, your skill at photography, and in encouraging people to comment. I'm not writing that because I think you need to hear it, but simply because I think it. And admire it.

  19. Of course she's cute playing hockey! :) I'd say i'm more jealous of your trip than excited ;)
    Don't we all struggle with insecurities? There's always someone better; thankfully we know that God made us unique and gifted!
    We don't have a GoPro camera :)
    La Senza...unders. or a little somethin' somethin' :)

  20. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I think your kids are adorable! I think I love the cute Nya hockey pics the best :) I will live vicariously through you while you adventure on the other side of the world as I attempt to camp 20 minutes from home this summer :)