Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Almost There

All righty folks!! No more blogging around here as we are in full trip preparation mode!  Oh, and I'm exhausted.  Like, really, really tired.  Nya's molars are taking FOREVER so I'm up with her every night once or twice.  Not long, maybe 10 minutes, but still.   Gary still has to teach first aid all Thursday and then has grad night, but after that, WE ARE ON HOLIDAYS!!! 

I will post tomorrow about our itinerary and all that jazz.  

This past weekend I had my last photo session for a whole month!!  I still have a bunch of sessions to blog though...Then, we went to the new MEC store in Langley.  The boys both tried the climbing wall but didn't get too high.  I'm thinking we may have to start preparing them now for the fact that they may be riding an elephant in a few weeks :)
It's weird being at home with all three of them.  I know I sound mean but if I set them up with school work every day, at least then they don't fight.  They are very physical with each other and there is totally a time for that but not all day in our living room.  So ya, a lot of separate activities for them and I may have done a really bad parenting move.  I said if they played Pokemon for 30 minutes without fighting, I would give them a chocolate.  I was so tired and just needed a break from the fighting.  It totally worked.  Now they want a chocolate for all their good behaviour which is not going to happen. 
We've been doing little `field trips' like going to the library and the pet store.  They LOVED the pet store.  I used to take Kai there when he was little.  We spent a lot of time there, Nya loved all of the animals.  We will be doing several animal related things on our trip so I know they will love it.

All right. Sleep well.

Love, Louise

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  1. I hear you about the summer school work......one reason I semi-school-year-round is that it keeps the kids in a routine which seems to make us all a lot happier. Free time is fantastic but there are a LOT of hours in the day..........