Friday, June 14, 2013

Need a Giggle?

Happy Friday everyone!
Love, Louise
PS This is what happens when I ask Gary if he can swap Koen's head from one photo  onto another :)  I really want to order a large print of the vertical photo (previous post) but Koen's face is just too ridiculous.

PPS On the topic of Koen, he used to always go `Woo woo!  Koen knows everything!' but after realizing that he didn't know the difference between weeks and days and also realizing that we shouldn't brag, he's always saying `Woo woo!  Koen knows some stuff!' in his sing songy voice.  It's pretty cute.


  1. That is so gary!! Love that he knows ways to get you to laugh and annoy you all at once!!!

  2. That is hillarious!
    Caileigh just walked in as I was looking at the picture and asked, "Is that a boy or a girl?" Still laughing..........

  3. Ahhh I needed that haha.

  4. i always thought nya looked most like koen;) good job gary

  5. HAHA! Oh, look, you did end up with 3 boys after all!